What is Minimalism ?


“Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess, in favor of focusing on what’s important — so you can find happiness, fulfillment and freedom” - Millburn and Nicodemus, The Minimalists.

Many times we find ourselves scrolling through an endless shopping cart on our favorite online website. Whether its clothes, make-up or technology, we all have our version of a fix. Everyone compares themselves to models and famous celebrities. Materialistic things only satisfy you for a little while and when you look back you can hardly remember the shoes you bought 6 months ago. However, a person remembers the experiences and the time passed with family and friends; This is what minimalism is all about.

Minimalism is about focusing on yourself rather than emphasizing on external things that make you happy for a short period. When living a minimalist lifestyle, you live a simpler and more relaxed lifestyle by simply getting rid of any extra materialistic things we are holding hostage for no reason. When having an abundance of something it leads to chaos, mess and also stress. This usually happens with clothes, accessories, and even books. It is important to start this process slowly and at your own pace. In the first week, you can clear out your wardrobe and whatever does not fit or makes you feel unhappy you remove it. In the second week, you can also continue by organizing your never-ending stationary haul. A bibliophile can go through the painfully large collection of books they own and sort the books they may reread and the ones they can sell or give away.

In this process, one keeps what makes them truly happy and what is genuinely useful. A great way to do this is to implement the 90-day rule — When sifting through your belongings, ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past 90 days, and will you use it in the coming 90 days. If the answer is no, then more than you can easily live without it. When removing things from your home, there are many options on what to do with them. A great option is to pass them on to Charity shops or hand them out to friends or family members who will appreciate them and use them much more than you would. This way you are helping the environment as one’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. Minimalistic principles are based on the notion of less consumption is less waste.

By time, you will come to realize that you appreciate the things you own and not always focusing on the next purchase. Another benefit of this way of life is the tranquility one feels when waking up in a clear space rather than having a messy, cluttered environment.

I have read a lot about minimalism, however, I saw the impact of it with my own two eyes when I traveled to Kenya. People seem happier with much less than you can imagine. They cherish their loved ones, and the moments they share every single day. I have adapted minimalism in my life in various ways like thinking twice about buying something instead of just buying something and leaving it laying there. Some try minimalism in order to live a more simple life and actually live in the moment, while others do it to save money or create less waste which we all know is a pressing matter nowadays. Whatever your reason might be, we should all try to reduce our consumption of things we don’t need!

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Michaela Cassar

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What is Minimalism ?

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