Parking at UOM Part Two; finally a silver lining!


Following my previous rant about the parking nightmare at Uom, I cannot but give credit where credit is due. This morning, following my tardy arrival at circa 8.20am, I was slowly driving around investigating where would the best badly parked spot my car was going to hire for the day be.

To my surprise, Car park 6 was not full yet, so I made my way up and parked in a blue box, after 8am. Please excuse my repetition of the time as when I actually parked my car, I couldn’t believe how bright the sun was when it happened - It is usually just rising while I do so. It was a very pleasant start to my morning! The security guard, who is on duty at the entrance to the car park, and KSU Vice President Steve Zammit Lupi, who happened to be there at my time of arrival, told me that many students seem to think that the car pooling area is completely reserved, which is not at all the case!


The guard has a tally counter which allows him to know exactly how many regular spots are full, keeping the ones reserved available until 9:30am. This means that anyone who car pools has the luxury of arriving on site at any time until then, and have their own spot waiting for them. Imagine not waking up at the crack of dawn and sitting in your car till it is time for a lecture. The sign at the entrance has also been changed in an attempt to make things clearer.

For those who are not aware of how the car pooling system is working this year, the process is very simple:

  1. Find 2 passengers who have a permit and want to carpool;
  2. Pre-book your spot the night before until 9pm by filling in an application with your details/passengers found here:
  3. When you arrive, present your ID cards to the very nice security guard at the entrance;
  4. Park.


In case you need more passengers that are permit holders, KSU is also working with Matthew Vella who created the Facebook group called ‘Carpool Malta’ where students can ask and offer rides to uni. Zammit Lupi also mentioned that many students applied for the motorcycle lessons that KSU has on offer, and there are also people on a waiting list! All this AND the Park and Ride system which is soon going to be piloted from Mosta, are bound to make a substantial improvement.

All in all, I think that this has to be a very well thought-out plan; definitely better than last year’s, and probably one of the best to date in-relation to car pooling. I truly believe that it has a really good shot at getting much more popular and will definitely help lighten the load of Uni parking. One can only feel that the future of mornings to come feel brighter and happier. I look forward to starting my day with a smile and a feeling of positivity, as I did today.

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Danielle Pala

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Parking at UOM Part Two; finally a silver lining!

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