The twist in the tale


Nothing triggers peace and unity more than evil, and as Newton’s Third Law of Force* implies, one cannot live without the other. Having said that, it’s safe for me to congratulate ISIS for their constant effort to put this law on test.

Through a series of horrendous murders, ISIS have completely ruined their reputation in every strategic and ideological way imaginable. They have motivated frenemies like the US and Russia to huddle together with no pretence, and figure out how to get rid of them. Belgium was forced to admit it has a problem, the Iraqis were motivated to start driving ISIS out of its borders. Additionally, ISIS have made most of the world empathise with France and its people. However, ISIS’s historical bad times are just getting started.

The US is now taking out the oil tankers without regard for collateral damage – there goes ISIS’s only revenue. France is using its air force to blow up these Islam extremists’ stronghold as the world cheers it on; no one even knew France had an air force.

Russian president Putin has given up the identity of their funding sources, and he’s now willing to give up his longstanding protection of Assad. ISIS have motivated the militaries of the world to wipe them out. They have done something far worse: they have lost their identity!

World leaders are no longer referring to these extremists as “ISIS” or the “Islamic State” because they’re not willing to let them pretend that their terrorist agenda is in any way connected to Islam. They don’t even get to keep their acronym anymore. Now they are even sometimes referred to as Daesh – a name which these extremists hate. We even let the French pick out the name, because they’ve more than earned it in the past few years. Muslim leaders and Muslim rank-and-file around the world despise them, and they are completely running out of allies.

ISIS members seem to be itching for World War III. The trouble is, they do not have the muscle. They don’t even fully control a single nation, and the world has taken out half their assets in a matter of a few months. Unfortunately, it’ll take far longer than that to wipe every trace of ISIS but that end seems unlikely. So thanks, ISIS or Daesh or whatever name we might choose to call you against your will. In these divisive times you’ve somehow managed to unite the entire world. Congratulations for that!

* Newton’s Third Law of Force. A force is exerted by one object on another object. In other words, every force involves the interaction of two objects. When one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object also exerts a force on the first object. The two forces are equal in strength and oriented in opposite directions.


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Janice Falzon

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The twist in the tale

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