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Journalism is a rough draft of history, which is written on the run. Ever since I was young, I remember always being interested in current affairs – something that got me intp trouble a number of times in school since my essays used to always take on a current affairs sort of gist.

I remember a teacher once tell me that journalism doesn’t pay and I shouldn’t be bothered about it – I would like to thank that teacher cause she opened my eyes to realise how in fact journalism is important!

What the heck did this country come to? I’m still gobsmacked at the news that a fellow journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner has just been completely blocked from Facebook.

Matthew Caruana Galizia, son of the famous investigative journalist or Bile Queen of Hate (which ever side you support) was on the team that dissected and investigated the biggest trove of leaked data; that from the servers of Mossack Fonseca.

This investigation, nicknamed ‘Panama Papers’ brought to light the corrupt practices of a number of politicians, including those close to the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (One company, as we know all to well, has been rumored to list his wife Michelle as a beneficiary – Egrant).

I remember when shortly before the last election, then Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat had said that he wants to send Malta to the forefront of Europe “Irrid Naghmel lil Malta l-Aqwa fl-Ewropa” was his go-to phrase. 4 years down the line I have no idea in what we are the best in Europe, cause we live in a sorry state where journalists get attacked and persecuted for exposing the truth.

By ‘attacked’ I don’t only mean in the form of vile abuse on social media and comment boards, but also physically as did in fact happen a few weeks ago with one of my friends Times of Malta Journalist Jacob Borg. An aide to Konrad Mizzi assaulted him when he asked him something related to Panama.

It has all been a long winding road heading downwards these past couple of years. The whole Panama debacle puts a lot of little pieces and stories that happened over these past four years together, and the context that comes from it is scary in its truth.

As journalists we need to ask the questions people never thought we’d ask, even if we hit where it hurts. The truth hurts, and it’s the journalist’s job to bring it out. This is all Matthew was doing when exposing the corrupt dealings of top government officials, who had the audacity of opening secret companies using their diplomatic passports.

His Facebook block comes after a series of threats including that of legal action, something which even the European Federation of Journalists condemned. It is appalling to see Malta fall to such a sorry state, which makes the likes of Azerbaijan, China and Russia to a certain extent look like heaven.

I am sorry, but media freedom is something which I hold close to heart so this is it – Joseph Muscat – Not in My Name!

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Not in My Name!!!

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