What could KSU Students’ Fest ’17 be?


At precisely 18:03, KSU released a very cryptic teaser for this year’s upcoming Students’ Fest. It has clearly left everyone completely baffled as to what this poster refers to, so it’s up to us to analyse this poster thoroughly so as to try to figure out what it might mean.

It could be Sleeping Beauty…

Well the colour scheme suggests so. Aurora’s dress shifts from blue to pink in the film, so I guess…

They might go for Frozen

The mountain pictured in the teaser might just be the one Elsa climbed in the film. We can’t let it go.

What about Pocahontas?

The petals over the river is a very prominent feature of the teaser. And you know, student fest is just around the river bend.

Perhaps it’s Bambi!

It’s about time KSU gave animals a voice, and the wilderness in the teaser could be hinting at this.

Or, it might just be Mulan – Min Jaf? But that’s too much of a stretch.

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What could KSU Students’ Fest ’17 be?

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