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A Maltese organisation has been building schools, offices and aiding the less privileged of Kenya for seven years. This August Karibu, a Maltese non-profit, shall be sending 28 people to Kenya to continue building new structures and doing a world of good.

The projects for this year consist of building three offices in Mbaoni and the rebuilding of a school in another village. The building of the three offices will conclude a three year project which has costed 90, 000 euro.


The origin of Karibu’s name comes from Swahili and means, “Welcome”. The main aim of this organisation is to help people especially children that are less privileged.

Throughout the years Karibu Malta, with the help of sponsors and donations from the public, have managed to carry out various projects around Kenya. These include the construction of boreholes, building two schools in Kipangajeni and Mbaoni (villages found in the east of Kenya), public toilets, staff rooms and offices.


They have also funded a kitchen in Ruiru that helps feed homeless people and students attending the school in the area.

These big projects cost a lot of money so Karibu Malta organises fundraising activities throughout the year such as bake sales, football tournaments, orange picking and selling. Moreover, coming up on the 27th August, Karibu is organising a pasta night where families and friends of the participants join and celebrate before the group leaves for three weeks. To put up such large events, the organisation requires the help of several volunteers and a lot of sponsorships.

In order to go to Kenya it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Kenya is considered as a third world country therefore one needs to take several vaccinations as a precaution for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid and Yellow Fever. Also during the period spent in such a country one must also take malaria tablets. Participants cannot drink tap water and they must also sleep with a net to prevent mosquito bites.

As preparation Karibu provides the participants with a psychological meeting and Swahili lessons. During the experience one can easily be effected by the environment and experience culture shock due to the different lifestyle. It is highly important that the group members participate in team building events in order to feel comfortable with others and open up if there are any problems in Kenya. There may be times where participants feel homesick as they are a long way from home.

If anyone would like to join Karibu Malta and help this good cause, one can send an email on karibumalta@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page. This is a once in a life time experience which will impact your life forever. From my personal experience, I can say that this has changed my life as I have learnt to appreciate and be grateful for what I have.

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Michaela Cassar

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