National Youth Parliament is Launched by KNZ


KNŻ launched the 17th edition of its yearly event; the National Youth Parliament. During a press conference outside the Maltese Parliament.

The topics which will be discussed during this event were launched by the Council’s National Officer Kristina Filletti. These topics include_ Gender Equality_, the Implementation of Civic Education and Single-Use Plastics for Youths Between the Ages of 13 and 18 and Artificial Intelligence, the Use of Technology for Sustainable Development as well as the Educational System in Malta for Youths Between the Ages of 19 and 35.

KNŻ President Chiara Vassallo said that through the Council’s events and policies, they strive to cultivate a society in which youths are motivated to take action, ensuring that their voice is heard, valued and perused. The National Youth Parliament is a way to achieve this whilst simultaneously promoting civic education. Vassallo encouraged youths to apply for this event to strengthen their knowledge of how to fulfill their civic duty.

KNŻ National Officer Kristina Filletti said that she personally took part in NYP and this was a key factor of her finding her voice. Filletti encouraged youths to take part in this educational event and stand up to have their voices heard on a national platform. Also, to not shy away from taking this step which could eventually have an impact not only on their lives but also on the national agenda.

Spokesperson for Youth, Sport and the Fight against Obesity Hon Ryan Callus said that the topics which were chosen for this event are pertinent ones which need to be looked into. Hon Callus’ focus is mainly on gender equality, were Malta lies at the bottom of the European statistic in terms of the gender pay gap as well as the importance of civic education and the importance of eliminating hate speech within the younger generation to build a future society which is more respectful of different segments of society.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Hon Clifton Grima said that today youths between the ages of 16 and 17 will be voting for the first tim, in a move which will help empower them. Hon Grima also mentioned that youths which take part in such events help shape the national agenda and he hopes that they will be the politicians and leaders of the future.

Both Hon Callus and Hon Grima thanked outgoing KNŻ president Sean Ellul and also wished KNŻ’s new president Chiara Vassallo luck in her new role.

Vassallo ended the launch by once again encouraging youths to participate in this event and have their voices heard.

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National Youth Parliament is Launched by KNZ

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