Communication Students to Launch Magazine on Wednesday

Image: B’Cikka Logo

Magazines may be fading away due to our world becoming more technologically advanced. Yet for Communications Honors students a magazine means much more. Starting from scratch, such students literally create their own unique magazine as a project for their course.

After last year’s interesting approach with Raw, this year’s Communications students produced B’Cikka, and I had to learn more about it.

What does B’Cikka stand for?

B’Cikka’s literal translation is ‘by chance’. B’Cikka is a visual exploration of those various overlooked gems that we have scattered all over our archipelago. Think of B’Cikka as a magnifying glass that focuses and shows these purely local hidden treasures.

B’Cikka is the product of an annual publication of a magazine through a university unit in Media and Digital Publishing. Our product is not only a magazine; but also an Instagram and Facebook page where we post aesthetic posts and events as well as behind the scenes material respectively.

Who is the team?

We have 3 teams that make up B’Cikka - advertising, design and editorial. The advertising team’s job is to raise funds through sponsors and events. Their job is quite tedious yet vital and they do it with a certain skill that one really ought to admire!

Design takes care of the visual aspect. From the logo to the spectacular photo shoots and editing that they create, it truly shows an artistry and patience like no other. They are specifically mentored by our lecturer Malcolm Bonello.

Editorial team, my team, takes care of the layout or order of the magazine, the text that gets published as well as the writers contributing to the magazine. As the coordinator of this team, I am proud to say that this year’s publication will keep our readers riveted and wanting more - maybe even encourage them to become explorers of their own locality and maybe who knows, we will find more hidden gems!

What is the aim for this magazine?

The aim is to explore the unknown, voice the silence and shed light on lost holy grails of the Maltese Islands. We want to show the unusual or unnoticed rather than follow the trendy or mainstream route.

What is B’Cikka’s message?

The message is simple; “look around you!” By actually seeing and listening to these hidden gems and exploring them one may find a link that was once missing that roots us back to where our roots lay.

When is the magazine due to be launched and how do you feel about the publication?

The magazine is due to be launched on the 15th of May (which is so soon!). It is such a surreal experience to finally see it come to fruition taking into consideration that this started from an idea; a spark of creativity. I feel like this is something fresh and new for the magazine industry and to be fair it is quite sad that this will be its only issue - it truly deserves to be a constantly updated and published magazine. I just can’t wait for all of you to pick up and flip through a copy of the magazine from our stand next to student house on the day!

Image: B’Cikka’s Launch

B’Cikka is not only a magazine; it is a work of art in its own respect. Personally, I am excited to have a look at what these students produced; I have high expectations. With such an interesting approach, who wouldn’t check it out?

Written by

Corrine Zahra

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Communication Students to Launch Magazine on Wednesday

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