Parking in UM Ground to be Closed Tomorrow Morning


The UM Ground will not be available for parking until 11am, from tomorrow. The University informed its students about this earlier this morning via the UM app.

The ground will be closed to conduct the Physical Education Proficiency Test. The message sent out by the University says that the ground will be closed till 11:00am. But the online application for the MTL PE Proficiency Test clearly states that the ground will be in use till 12:00pm.

Image: Screenshot from University Website

Image: Message sent to students

Not only were students once again informed late on in the game but it appears that the University is not capable of giving its students the correct information.

After two weeks of Easter recess, the University of Malta decided to close an important parking lot just when its students are back for lectures.

Already students find it difficult to find parking in the morning and yet the University of Malta still decided to close the UM Ground. The parking problem seems to be getting worse and the University of Malta is not doing much to solve it.

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Corrine Zahra

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Parking in UM Ground to be Closed Tomorrow Morning

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