Oh My Proxies!


A whole lot of arguments and frustrations came to an end last evening when after a two hour meeting the education commissioner got elected.

“This is the start to the election,” said Luke Abela representing the Board of Discipline.

After the never-ending arguments among student representatives and the Board of Discipline, the election went as per Jean Claude Scicluna’s decision. When Insite approached Scicluna regarding the issue he responded: “I am glad the board of discipline saw the light and let the election proceed in the manner I had decided as stated in the letter on my behalf, which proved to be the best way to ensure a fair result after the late proxy scandal. It is only a pity that at an institution like the University of Malta, this firstly required hours worth of shouting and screaming to get this point through.”

Many student representatives from various faculties were eagerly waiting to know which proxies will be accepted or not and eventually what will be the final result of this election. As many students were thinking that the election might be postponed once again due to the chaos. “I hope that after this year’s hassle the standing orders are looked into so that we do not go through all of this again next year,” said Owen Grech.

On the other-hand Edward Degabriele told Insite that he put in his proxies 46 hours prior to the deadline. Allegedly, he also mentioned that he submitted his proxies on Friday night but Scicluna did not find anything. He even stated that the office was closed but Petra Grech from KSU was still at university due to Oh My Hairspray! rehearsals. When asked about what he thinks happened to the proxies, Degabriele repented that he has no clue: but, he will make sure to follow up on the proxies and voting procedure to make sure the same situation does not happen once more till November 2019 when his role as student representative terminates.

Nevertheless, Insite Malta would like to wish Yacopo Baldacchino the best of luck in his term as KE Commissioner for 2019/20!

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Oh My Proxies!

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