Proxy forms “were knowingly forged” hours after deadline

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Allegations swirl last Monday’s Education Commission elections within the University of Malta student body, after members of the same council were said to have “flagrantly breached” regulations

At least one of the nine proxy forms which were the subject of controversy during last week’s postponed Education Commissioner election was forged by an Executive member of the University Student’s Council, hours after the deadline for the submission had passed, according to Maltatoday.

Insite is in possession of a number of screenshots and texts between an incumbent member of the KSU Executive, as well as a student representative, who was bound to vote in the elections for the new Education Commissioner. The conversation showed how the student representative, who was unavailable to attend the meeting, gave permission to the KSU Executive member to fill in the proxy form in her name, and knowingly forge the signature on the document.

The KSU Exec member explained to the student representative about the possibility of “giving your vote as a proxy to another member, to vote in your name”, and after the correspondent acquiesced, the KSU Executive Member asked her for her details to be filled in.

The conversation took place on Monday afternoon, a few hours before the scheduled KE Meeting and Election was to take place. This meant that the proxy vote would also be in violation of KSU Statute, as Standing Order 4.7.1 stipulates that said proxy forms were to be handed to the Education Commissioner “at least 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting.” Nowhere in this conversation was the 24-hour deadline mentioned by either the student representative, or the KSU Executive member.

This proxy vote was only one out of nine votes which were rejected outright by incumbent Education Commissioner Jean Claude Scicluna prior to the start of last Monday’s meeting. When contacted by this newspaper, Scicluna confirmed that he had taken the decision to reject these nine proxy forms “because they were in flagrant violation of the KSU Statute, and therefore there was no way that I could have accepted these proxy votes.”

“To further compound misery on this whole situation, one should also mention that two members of the Board of Discipline in question are the incumbent President (Carla Galea) and Vice-President (Luke Abela) of the Students’ Council, who strictly speaking, were asked to keep check on the same people who they worked with for months, as well as themselves.”

The Education Commissioner also revealed that, on the proxy vote which was the subject of the aforementioned conversation, the signatory of the person accepting the proxy vote was none other than Galea. “How can they rule on the inadmissibility of a proxy vote, when the signatory is one of the judges? The conflict of interest is blatantly obvious for everyone involved, except apparently for the KSU Board of Discipline.”

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Proxy forms “were knowingly forged” hours after deadline

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