Student rep contests denial of vote


This afternoon Edward Degabriele contacted Insite to make a statement regarding the KE Elections. Edward Degabriele spoke to Insite as the Student Representative at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

On Saturday 13th April Degabriele was scheduled to leave on a flight to Poland and therefore could not attend Monday’s KE Election. So, he filled out his proxy form and, along with two others, went to hand them in at the KSU Office on Friday 12th April. Roughly 48 hours before the deadline of Sunday 14th April at 6:59pm.

When he was abroad, he found out that his vote had been invalidated as his proxy form had supposedly never reached the KSU Education Commissioner, Jean Claude Scicluna, directly. Given the fact that Degabriele was not even in the country over the weekend of the 13th and 14th he could not have possibly handed in his proxy forms late. But the question left unanswered is why did these forms that were handed in two days prior to the deadline not get passed onto Scicluna?

Also, the forms and the standing order do not have the same information, said Degabriele. The proxy forms apparently did not state the 24-hour deadline but rather the form stated that they had to be handed in before the election. So, this is cause for confusion.

To add insult to injury, Scicluna has now rescheduled the election for tomorrow, 24th April, but those who had not handed in their forms to Scicluna himself are still being denied their right to a vote. Yesterday, the 22nd April, Degabriele contacted Scicluna on the matter and simply got the same explanation as above. Degabriele feels this is “undemocratic of him” (Scicluna). When Degabriele furthered his questioning to Scicluna by asking why the situation is thus Scicluna did not reply. No answer has been given up until this moment.

Degabriele is upset and cannot understand why he has no say in electing the person that will be taking decisions related to the students that Degabriele represents. He feels the whole process should have been started from the beginning for this upcoming election. If not for those who have been denied the right to a vote, then for those who will be unable to attend tomorrows election.Degabriele also added that Scicluna has not been in the KSU Office since last Monday. Given the circumstances, Scicluna, as a member of KSU, should have been present at least for some hours at the KSU Office.

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Emma Asciak

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Student rep contests denial of vote

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