Board of Discipline Replies to Grech’s Email


Following a week of frustration and controversies regarding the KE election, the Board of Discipline released an answer to Grech’s questions. Here is a summary of what they wrote.

As this whole situation started because of 9 proxies, the Board of Discipline looked at the whole misunderstanding of how and when the proxy forms should be submitted. The “Disciplinary Board did not focus on any proxy in particular”. Meaning that Grech’s concerns for bias were accounted for. Also, the board asked members related to any particular discussion to recuse themselves at that moment.

As Grech said in his email, it was discussed that cameras were to be checked before taking any action. “KSU Secretary General Mr. William Farrugia, was asked to view the CCTV footage and sufficient evidence indicated that a number of the proxy forms were submitted in time at the KSU Office” said The KSU Board of Discipline 2019/20. Farrugia was the only one cleared to view the tapes due to GDPR laws. He confirmed that the proxies were handed in in time.

Image: Email sent by Disciplinary Board

“The Disciplinary Board chose Wednesday 24th April as the date for the next KE Meeting as to give enough time for the Commissioner to ensure that the process leading to the election of his successor is done serenely” said The KSU Board of Discipline 2019/20.

Nevertheless, Insite Malta would like to wish the two candidates, Yacopo Baldacchino and Nico Muscat, the best of luck for the upcoming election for KE.

Image: Yacopo Baldacchino

Image: Nico Muscat

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Michaela Cassar

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Board of Discipline Replies to Grech’s Email

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