Kris Bajada continues fight for an independent KSU


“I am here today to continue the fight we started last year; the fight for an independent KSU” said Kris Bajada, a student who has submitted his candidature for the Presidential role in the upcoming KSU elections, while officially launching his campaign and vision with a manifesto earlier on today. In his speech, Bajada emphasised that KSU is the future of Maltese politics, which should be built on the idea of unity.

The independent presidential candidate pointed out the fact that “When we all took part in the march for Climate Change Action, we were not two; that day we were one and the established authorities took note because that day, we decided to act together as one”.

Furthermore, Bajada remarked that SDM and Pulse approached students to ask them what problems they have been facing, while stating that this should not only be done during the election period. Kris Bajada stated that if elected he would form a special sub-committee whose main responsibility would be to determine what new problems, difficulties, and issues students may be facing.

“The established parties which are trying to stop us are the same group responsible for the stagnation of KSU. Their most powerful weapon is convincing you the students that you alone can’t make a difference; only they can make that difference. I am here today to tell that you can you make a tremendous difference; remember that they need you, not you need them.” Bajada stated strongly.

Among Bajada’s most noteworthy proposals are the following:

  • “To introduce a point system for students who use alternative means of transport such as buses, bikes, motorcycles and carpooling which can be redeemed for special prizes; depending on the amount of points attained.”
  • “Push so that after 12 pm all car park spaces will be available for students.”
  • “Negotiate so that a substantial amount of new parking spaces being built will be available to students.”
  • “Set up various recycling bins around the university campus and MDH campus.”
  • “Push for 24-hour library access on certain days.”
  • “Push for the possibility of allowing bags in the library.”
  • “Cut the red tape for student organisations so that they can spend more time doing what they do best.”
  • “Better promotion of mental health services during exam periods.”
  • “Demand that the full course details regarding MCAST students obtaining an engineering warrant are published in their entirety and highlight issues between the University of Malta and MCAST qualifications.”
  • “Setting up a GSS (Gozo Subsidy Scheme) that would help Gozitan students with increasing rent prices and cost of living.”

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Michela Cutajar

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Kris Bajada continues fight for an independent KSU

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