Absolute majoriy of University Students against abortion; unless mother's life is in danger


A survey carried out by Kunsill Studenti Universitarji, KSU shows that 58.4% of University of Malta students are against the legalisation of abortion while 41.6% are in favour. On the other hand, 62.3% of the participants stated that they abortion should be available if the mother’s life is in danger, whilst 21% disagreed, with the remaining 16% taking a neutral stance.

Participants were somewhat split on the legalisation of abortion in cases of rape, whilst in other scenarios, participants were more likely to disagree. 44.3% disagreed while 43.1% agreed that abortion should be made legal if the unborn baby is found to have a life threatening disease. The majority of respondents disagreed that abortion should be legalised solely in case any form of disability found in the child (64.1% disagreed), financial instability (66.7%), any form of addiction (62.2%), not being ready for parenthood (69.5%), teenage pregnancy (67%), and simply not wanting the child (71.2%).

In a press conference held earlier on today Petra Grech, KSU’s Social Policy Commissioner, explained a University KPS meeting was held to discuss the topic at hand. She stated that this was followed by a public consultation on abortion with a balanced panel of representatives from a pro-choice and pro-life perspective with the aim of informing students on all the aspects involved in the matter. A survey was then disseminated to all students via various platforms. A final KPS meeting was then held to discuss the findings of the survey; “The KSU office ensured that the survey and the subsequent data analysis were of a professional standard.” Grech explained that Professor Liberato Camilleri was asked to help out in order to ensure that the final product is representative.

Christian Aquilina explained that a web page questionnaire was used in the data collection phase. The results were then analysed using various statistical tests on SPSS. The sample is composed of 466 (63.6%) females and 267 (36.4) males, meaning that it is comparable to University’s gender composition.

KSU launched a survey report on the students stand regarding abortion. The methods used to conduct this survey were voted upon by student organisations during KPS meeting, where it was agreed that this survey is to reflect students’ official position regarding the matter.

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Michela Cutajar

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Absolute majoriy of University Students against abortion; unless mother's life is in danger

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