3 year probation for campus library thief


23-year-old Amber-Ann Zammit, who was caught stealing from bags at the University of Malta campus library was ordered a second three-year probation. She was charged for six counts of theft five of which took place in November 2018, and one taking place in February 2019.

University students are obliged to leave their bags in unsecured pigeonholes in order to prevent book theft from the University library. Zammit, defended by lawyer Franco Debono, admitted to stealing money and other objects from these unattended bags.

The young thief was already on probation when she committed these crimes. In 2016 Zammit had two other cases in relation to theft; in the first instance, she admitted to stealing from a close friend’s visa multiple times and made withdrawals amounting to €900, while in the second she admitted to shoplifting. In both cases, she was released on a three-year probation.

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Michela Cutajar

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3 year probation for campus library thief

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