Organisations go paperless, institutions forced to remain paper based


Several graduates from both the University of Malta and MCAST contacted Insite Malta, claiming they received at least two copies of the same survey “Eurograd”, in print, by post. This questionnaire is being sent to UOM and MCAST graduates who graduated 1 year ago and 5 years ago (12/13 and 16/17). Each letter was sent in an envelope containing an A4 sheet printed on both sides and a leaflet.

Insite Malta contacted the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE), the national research team entrusted with conducting a graduate tracking survey in Malta, regarding the issue. The NCFHE explained that all graduates received an invitation by post and letter early October. Additionally, two subsequent reminders were sent by email and post in early November and at the end of November. “This is in line with the criteria set by the European Commission for conducting the surveys in the participating countries and is being done to ensure the highest possible return rate” explained the NCFHE. Graduates were contacted by by their respective education institution due to data protection regulations.

A total of 7,384 students graduated in this time period from the University of Malta. Therefore, if all of them received two copies of this questionnaire, 14,768 copies of this questionnaire were sent. That is, if one does not take into consideration the surveys sent to MCAST students.

Meanwhile, student organisations have been doing their best to cut down on paper wastage by printing smaller tickets for events, stopping print publications, not printing their annual reports, not using paper plates and paper cups for events, amongst others.

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Michela Cutajar

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Organisations go paperless, institutions forced to remain paper based

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