President announces a second mental health first aid course


While presenting all Mental Health First Aid course attendees with certificates, the President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca announced that The President’s Thrust will be organising a second mental health course. She said the aforementioned in light of the fact that the demand for the previous was higher than expected.

The President stated that “We need to make sure that no one feels embarrassed or humiliated to seek help. We need to make sure that nobody is feeling excluded”. Therefore, she added that ensuring that people know how to encourage people to seek help is of utmost important.

Kunsill Studenti Universitarji, KSU’s, Social Policy Commissioner, Petra Grech thanked all the 18 attendees, while stating that they received a total of 50 applications for the course. KSU’s Social Policy Officer Christain Aquilina added that the 50 students who applied for this course come from 8 different faculties. KSU claimed that students from every faculty deserve to be offered the Richmond Foundation’s Mental Health First Aid course, which has proven to be both effective and successful. Therefore, KSU, in collaboration with The President’s Trust, offered this course free of charge to a number of University students, with the aim of expanding the reach of mental health awareness within University.

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Michela Cutajar

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President announces a second mental health first aid course

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