JEF Malta welcomes Brexit negotiation developments

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JEF Malta stated that it welcomes the developments in Brexit negotiations, in so far as they maintain a strong relationship between the EU and the UK. Meanwhile, the youth political organisation acknowledges the lasting negative impacts of the UK’s departure, especially considering Malta’s connection with the Queen, the head of the Commonwealth.

The student organisation emphasised that “it is time for us to open our eyes and see Brexit for what it is - a wakeup call for our generation to recognise the progress the EU has embodied, to be an active part of this European dream and to stand and fight for our European future.”

JEF Malta, in a Facebook note explained that in the past weeks a Brexit deal which has been endorsed by the EU 27 and the European Institutions, and backed by the British Prime Minister and her Cabinet, was thrown into turmoil by the Spanish Prime Minister. The latter threatened to shatter the consensus and vote against the deal if the UK did not give sufficient assurances on Spain’s standing in negotiations over Gibraltar.

A vote on this deal, one that will determine the future of the relationship between the EU and the UK, will be taken by the House of Commons in the coming weeks. Britain’s Prime Minister May endorsed the deal and has promised to campaign with her fellow Members of Parliament to win this vote, one which, according to JEF Malta, she cannot afford to lose if she wants to hold on to her leadership.

The youth political organisation explained that this not a joyous moment for the European Union and all those who believe in a common European Future. “Though it is true that the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union will prove damaging to the UK, the EU too will feel the loss of one of its most prosperous and influential member states, a country whose contributions to the shaping and direction of the European Project cannot be overlooked.”, explained JEF Malta.

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JEF Malta welcomes Brexit negotiation developments

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