Pulse urge for a more adequate voting system


Pulse contacted Insite Malta earlier on today, urging for a more adequate voting system which allows students to abstain from voting for three candidates. Noel Mifsud, Pulse’s Secretary General stated that various students approached Pulse, lamenting on the current voting system. Mifsud said that “When prompted to cast their vote for the vacant seats for Senate, students had to compulsively vote for three candidates, irrespective of their wish of either voting for only one or two candidates.”

According to Pulse, this system seems to “force a handful of donkey voting”, potentially leading to a false result. Pulse’s Secretary General said that the organisation believes that students should be given the right of a free vote, which means that in such case, they should be given the possibility of abstaining from voting for the maximum required seats.

Mifsud added that given that elections are being held online, Pulse feels that there is further insecurity on vote secrecy. The Secretary General claimed that “with new features, such as screen capturing and recording, students may be prone to forceful voting”. Noel Mifsud said the fact that similar issues would not be raised in the case of an actual physical vote being cast under the supervision of an electoral commission, while stating that they are in no way against online voting.

“Whilst wishing the best of luck to all the candidates who are keeping student activism alive, we hope that further amendments are applied in the near future to guarantee a more adequate system for all,” concluded Mifsud.

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Michela Cutajar

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Pulse urge for a more adequate voting system

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