Subsidy for Gozitan students to be received monthly


Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana announced that Gozitan students will now receive their subsidy on a monthly bases, rather than in 3 month batches. According to the Gozo University Group this will help Gozitan students budget their money better.

Through this initiative, as from January 2019, these students will be receiving around €167 euro monthly, which is equivalent to €500 per 3 months. This €500 subsidy granted to Gozitan students is aimed at covering some of the students’ accomodation expenses in Malta. This initiative will start in January of 2019.

GUG, the organisation that proposed this initiative, thanked the Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana. Furthermore, GUG said it hopes that this initiative will render itself to be beneficial to the Gozitan students residing in Malta.

Written by

Michela Cutajar

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Subsidy for Gozitan students to be received monthly

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