Former KSU Vice-president reacts to Rector's speech

“You almost give up chasing paid people out of your voluntary time, and feel helpless lost in the endless red tape and narrow walls to get the smallest of things done.” – Steve Zammit Lupi

Former Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) Vice-President, Steve Zammit Lupi, stated that the highest hurdles he faced, when trying to make the University of Malta a greener place, were when he tried to convince the administration. He said this in a Facebook post comprised of the email he claims to have sent the Rector in reaction to the latter’s opening speech for the academic year.

In his post, Zammit Lupi pointed out the fact that, to this day, the University does not have a basic recycling system nor a waste management plan. He furthered that the University “glorifies the use of cars and practically trashes every other mode of alternative transport”, that the campus can be mistaken for one giant car park, and that the ring road is dangerous. The former Vice President added that there are no pavements and that wheelchair accessibility is not up to standard.

The former Vice-President commended KSU’s Green Fund initiative, while he added that lecturers and academic staff should be made to make this contribution too. He added that the Rector has the power to drive change, and that at university, national challenges should be addressed by leading through example, rather than be a place that normalizes problems.

Zammit Lupi recounted an occasion wherein he wanted to create a large bicycle bay right outside Quadrangle near Sir Temi Hall. However, according to the former KSU vice president , the idea got shot down by high administration staff who wanted to occupy a public space with reserved parking for their private cars closest to their offices.

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Former KSU Vice-president reacts to Rector's speech

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