Victorious SDM congratulates all candidates; remarks on record turnout


After yesterday’s block victory, SDM thanked the student body and congratulated elected and unelected candidates, remarking that they are “immensely pleased with the record turnout” of 6630 votes for yesterdays KSU Elections. The introduction of the new online voting system was mentioned as a defining feature of the higher voting turnout during this election.

Online Voting was adopted instantly after it was proposed by Dario Cacopardo and Nathaniel Falzon during KSU’s AGM following a short campaign of only a couple of days which quickly brought in support from all organisations and the majority of the student body. This was an unprecedented 50% voting turnout of students from the University and the Junior College.

The final voting results by candidate are:

President: Carla Galea (3539 votes - 55%), Kris Bajada (440 votes - 6.8%), Jean Claude Scicluna (2458 votes - 38.2%)


Vice-President: Luke Abela (3794 votes - 59.7%), Carly Zarb (2558 votes - 40.3%)

Secretary-General: William Farrugia (3617 votes - 57.4%), Matthew Scicluna (2680 votes - 42.6%)

Financial Officer: Eman Haber (3754 votes - 60%), Cressida Galea (2506 votes - 40%)

PRO: Joseph Farrugia (3659 votes - 58.3%), Claudia Mercieca (2612 votes - 41.7%)

International Coordinator: Clint Vassallo (3735 votes - 59.8%), Mireille Farrugia (2509 votes - 40.2%)

International officer: Karin Cassar (3664 votes - 58.6%), Nathan Gatt (2593 - 41.4%)

Education Coordinator: Naomi Attard (3759 votes - 59.7%), Cristoph Caruana (2533 votes - 40.3%)

Social Policy Coordinator: Christian Aquilina (3673 votes - 58.5%), Joanna Incorvaja (2608 votes - 41.5%)

Culture & Entertainment Coordinator: Celine Bartolo (3740 votes - 59.5%), Thomas Camilleri (2546 votes - 40.5)

Culture & Entertainment Officer: Matthew John Dougall (3570 votes - 56.6%), Kyle Mangani (2733 votes - 43.4%)

The final overall votes are:


SDM President Neil Smart Costantino praised the practically double-sized voting turnout during the Press Conference saying that part of the vision for the student body is to see students themselves giving back t the University community. “We hope that this student activism shown in the past few weeks will continue to bear fruit in the future,” Costantino concluded.


Newly elected KSU President, Carla Galea finished off the conference by thanking SDM for the opportunity to once again represent the students in KSU. She commented on her team, thanking them for the work and remarking that they are a motivated team ready to work hard throughout their term. The slogan ‘Li Jixraq Lilek’ was one with great thought behind it pointing at the vision for a more complete University. Galea added that she,”would like to appeal to the students to come and speak to us, share your concerns and your ideas with us.”

Image: Albert Camilleri

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Mathias Mallia

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Victorious SDM congratulates all candidates; remarks on record turnout

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