Electoral Commission Condemns Vandalism and Anonymous Phone Calls


Earlier today the Electoral Commission released a statement condemning this week’s past events in relation to student data protection and vandalisation of organisations’ stands on quad. They furthered by saying that they are addressing issues related to the leaking of student data with the utmost seriousness.

The issues in question came to light this week, after a number of students had received anonymous phone calls in which they were asked specific questions about the upcoming KSU elections, particularly Pulse’s Parking Optimisation Project and who they intend to vote for on Thursday.

Following these reports, immediate contact was made with the Registrar’s Office at the University of Malta, who assured the Electoral Commission that no form of student data had been to released to any third parties.

The Commission continued to assert that they recognise the fact that the organisations in question want to distribute their message, however it is of utmost importance that students’ personal information should be protected and respected. The commission also assured that they will be working hand in hand with the UoM administration, as well as local authorities, in order to find out who is responsible for the student data distribution, and the aforementioned vandalism.

Both SDM and Pulse’s presidents disassociated themselves from the anonymous phone calls and vandalism, and condemned both actions.

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Electoral Commission Condemns Vandalism and Anonymous Phone Calls

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