Being independent means working with everyone


Kris Bajada, independent candidate for the role of KSU president, said that being an independent candidate means that he can work with anyone and everyone. This was said to address the rumour that being an independent candidate will hinder him from getting funding for KSU.

Bajada furthered by saying “I truly believe that not only will we maintain our current sponsors, but when KSU becomes fee from party politics, we will get more sponsors. This is because they will not be pandering to a political party, but will be catering for the students.”

The independent candidate claimed he was shocked when he realised how deeply ingrained this belief is in students. He added that it is the students who possess the power to influence, and not a political party. Bajada asserts he is confident in the leaders of both political parties, that both will be ready to work for the betterment of student life, regardless of who will be leading KSU.

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Romario Sciberras

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Being independent means working with everyone

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