Ministry responds to GUG proposals


The Ministry for transport responded to GUG, Gozo University Group’s proposals, which, if implemented, GUG believes, will get them home faster. GUG claimed they are still waiting for an action to be taken on the issues faced by Gozitan students from the Ministry of Transport, following a meeting they held five moths ago.

When contacted by Insite Malta, the Ministry said that following the meeting, the Ministry directed Transport Malta to evaluate the travel patterns of students, workers and those who regularly commute between the two islands.

Among the proposals put forward by the student organisation mainly revolve around the routes X1 and X1A. Namely, increasing the frequency of route X1A, which currently only makes two journeys on Fridays, two busses leaving the airport concurrently as busses often leave full-up, and coordinating the route’s timetable with that of the Ferry. Additionally, GUG suggested that the Cirkewwa bus shelter should be one that serves the purouse of protecting commuters from sun and rain, and the installation of overhead compartments on the busses operating on the X1 route.


The Ministry asserted that “Currently work is at an advanced stage at identifying the best practical solutions to be adopted in order to address the issues that are being experienced most particularly by the regular Gozitan commuters.” They furthered by saying this process has been going on over the past months. Transport Malta is taking into account the observations and recommendations made by users amongst the Gozo University Group, including the issues related to the bus shelter in Cirkewwa, the Ministry is informed.

Furthermore, the Ministry claimed that in the process, care is being taken to ensure that other passengers having different destinations depending on the mentioned routes are not negatively effected. The Ministry furthered by saying that works regarding the Malta-Gozo tunnel are underway “to arrive to a conceptual design for this project.

GUG is a student organisation run by Gozitan students with the aim of facilitating Gozitan students’ life. This organisation has been around since the 1980s. In the previous months, GUG expressed their approval of both the tunnel project and fast ferry service, saying “Most of us are overjoyed by the news that the plans for the tunnel are moving ahead”.

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Michela Cutajar

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Ministry responds to GUG proposals

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