Dario Cacopardo: Online voting system for KSU?

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Dario Cacopardo officially proposed an online voting system for the KSU elections earlier this afternoon. He claimed this motion is aimed towards boosting voting turnout, which for the last KSU election held in 2015 was of 28% of the entire student body. He furthered by saying that Junior College students also show a lack of participation.

Cacopardo proposed 14 amendments to section 6 of the KSU statute, which deals with the electoral commission. He said has already spoken to the registrar and IT services, and they are on “board with the idea and wish the system to start.” A meeting between Dario, SDM and Pulse is to be held later on today.

Dario Cacopardo


Dario Cacopardo

When contacted by Insite, SDM’s president Neil Smart Costantino claimed that “We have been in favour of this for quite some time, in fact we did introduce a sub-committee that started working on it in the past. We look forward to a positive discussion on the matter.”

Johnluke Ellul, President of Pulse said that it is clear that “if not now, eventually, voting for the KSU elections will take place online.” Following the meeting held amongst Dario, Ellul and Smart Costantino, Ellul would be able to clarify his position on Cacopardo’s motion.

When asked if his intention was to implement this system in the coming election, and whether this would be a democratic decision on parties’ behalf, Cacopardo said that both organisations have a strong online presence, and the switch from the current voting system to an online system would have no detrimental effects on either party. Rather it would only serve to increase student participation.

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Dario Cacopardo: Online voting system for KSU?

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