“KSU shackled by party politics” - Kris Bajada, Independent Candidate for KSU President


“This is the fight for an independent KSU!” said Kris Bajada, the student taking on the election for President of KSU as an independent candidate, while officially launching his campaign and vision with a short, yet demanding manifesto earlier today. His proposals include talks with the private sector for a new carpark system, and calls for KSU to retain independent relevance as well as become closer to the student body it represents.

While on quad, Bajada had scathing remarks for the lack of true independent politics at University claiming that political parties have taken over student politics. “Student organisations should not be extensions of the government and the opposition,” he added stating that KSU has become shackled by party politics.

The independent candidate also spoke of the benefits of having an independent President in KSU who could push the government further, albeit respectfully, as Bajada insisted he has nothing but respect for both student and professional politicians alike.


In comments to Insite regarding why he decided to go against student politics heavyweights SDM and Pulse, Bajda was adamant that there is a strong need for change: “I genuinely believe that party politics in Malta has permeated every aspect of our lives and unfortunately this causes a divide. I genuinely believe that at university we should expose ourselves and explore different ideologies with a “Tabula rasa” frame of mind.

“If already from our time at university, we adhere to a single ideology this would suffocate genuine exchange of ideas and will result in a campus of us against them. I have seen the division party politics can bring and wish for university students to be represented by an independent voice.”

His proposals are 10:

1) Discussions with the private sector to aid post-university employment;

2) Tackling student organisation problems;

3) Proposal of eco-friendly underground and aboveground parking and living facilities;

4) Finding alternative bus route for Junior College students in the case of flooding;

5) More reasonable result publication dates;

6) More cultural events being organised on and off campus;

7) Working with local and foreign publication houses to help publish student work;

8) Better student opportunities with KSU funds;

9) For KSU to become a strong non-political voice;

10) For KSU to hold regular meetings with the student body.

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Mathias Mallia

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“KSU shackled by party politics” - Kris Bajada, Independent Candidate for KSU President

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