Nursing student protest against not being offered formal mentorship

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MHSA in collaboration with KSU have instructed all BA and Diploma Nursing students to gather in common room to protest against the fact that their nurses and midwives have been instructed not to provide nursing students with any type of formal mentorship until an agreement on a form of mentorship allowance is settled.

Image: Simeon Nechev

KSU’s President Robert Napier said KSU fully supports and is collaborating with MHSA. He stated that “If they (MUMN) do want to pass a message, they should never use students. Students already are under a lot of stress, and any additional burden is not acceptable!”. He then addressed students and told them that “KSU has [their] back”.

MHSA’s President Kaithlyn Byrne highlighted the importance of formal mentorship, which not only provides students with training, but it also provides them with feedback, which is allotted 10 credits in their course. This means that if not mentored, they will lose these ten credits, meaning that they will not be able to proceed with their studies. Byrne added that the Faculty has been trying to solve this issue, however every attempt they have made so far has failed.

Image: Simeon Nechev

KSU and MHSA have already shown their concern regarding the negative MUMN’s industrial action could have on their studies about this issue a month ago. Newsbook reported that an email was sent from MUMN’s Secretary General, Colin Galea, stating that in the previous few months the Union had been discussing payment for nurses and midwives who mentor students at hospital with the Ministries for Health and Education.

Galea stated that the Union cannot permit that nursing students aren’t offering mentoring and formal training, however he still ordered nurses not to offer any form of formal mentoring until an agreement on a payment for nurses and midwives offering mentoring is reached. The Secretary General added that nurses and students who will continue to offer mentoring to students without payment will not be receiving any form of payment for mentoring if and when an agreement is reached.

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Nursing student protest against not being offered formal mentorship

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