Health Science students will not be paid for summer placements


Students of the Health Sciences will not be receiving remuneration for summer placements, said KSU in a published statement on their official Facebook page earlier this week. This statement notified all their followers about the current situation regarding students studying for a Higher diploma in Nursing Studies and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Nursing and Physiotherapy students.

Students studying for these courses are required to complete a 300 hour compulsory placement during the summer months of June and July. Students received an email on the last day of their placement by a faculty lecturer that they will either not be paid or not be paid in full regardless of being informed otherwise at the beginning of their Summer placement. In the statement it says that: “Physiotherapy students were informed that they will not be paid for their placement, while nursing students were informed on the last day of their placement that they will not be paid for any hours worked in June and will only be paid for placement carried out in July up to 150 hours only.”

Summer placement payment has been a recurring issue for a number of years in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Rumours of possible summer placement payment termination have been circling around since 2013, and placement payment reduction rates has been an idea that has also been floating around for years. Back in 2015 Nursing students were told that they were either not going to be paid or not going to be paid in full for their summer placements. However, thanks to MHSA representatives and KSU representatives dealing with authorities in 2015, the students concerned received the full amount with an increased payment rate later in October. Unfortunately, this issue has come back to haunt Health Sciences students.

This newsroom contacted a number of Health Sciences students that are directly affected by this issue. Most of which feel disheartened about this situation given that they had given up a stable paying summer job in order to complete these placements. While other students expressed disappointment that they weren’t informed in the beginning of the summer about this decision. However, they still remain hopeful that the student representatives and authorities concerned will come to an agreement for the better of the students and authorities.

At the moment MHSA and KSU are working together and contacting the authorities to solve this issue.

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Matthew Debattista

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Health Science students will not be paid for summer placements

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