LIVE FEED: General Election Results lead up


Welcome everyone to Insite Malta’s live feed of the vote counting happening today which will reveal who will be leading Malta for the next five years. Stay tuned!


As we conclude this Insite livefeed, we thank you for tuning in as we attempted to make sense and find humour in the havoc which politics wreaks on this island every election.

PL supporters have been in the streets for close to 6 hours at this point celebrating yet another record breaking victory over Forza Nazzjonali.

PN supporters have been abandoned without much solace from a leader who has all but disappeared after an announcement made earlier today said Dr Busuttil will not be addressing the public until at least tomorrow.

Thousands have taken to social media either to express disbelief in the populace’s resilience despite rampant corruption allegations; some fighting back saying the country did not want to be governed by a hateblogger; and others calling for solidarity in the hopes of reuniting a country which seems broken every time an election comes around.

We leave you, instead, with Malta’s favourite viral YouTuber’s take on the situation in the streets right now.


If you missed the Prime Minister’s speech here are the three leading independent newsrooms’ reports:


Victory mass meeting announced for the 10th June, however Monday’s swearing in will potentially result in a sea of Labour supporters descending on the nation’s capital.


Joseph Muscat will be sworn in once more tomorrow at 11AM.


Times of Malta release an article with what looks like an all too similar cabinet. Take a look at the candidates in the lead so far:

  1. 1st District - Valletta - Mario de Marco (PN) and Claudio Grech (PN) are in the lead, followed by PN’s Paula Mifsud Bonnici. PL’s Jose’ Herrera leads.

  2. 2nd District - Cottonera - Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in the lead. Stephen Spiteri is in the lead for PN.

  3. 3rd District - Żejtun - Carmelo Abela (PL) and Chris Fearne (PL) are in the lead for Labour. For PN, Mario Galea is in the lead followed by Carm Mifsud Bonnici.

  4. 4th District - Paola - Konrad Mizzi in the lead for PL, closely followed by Chris Fearne and Silvio Parnis. In this district, PN’s Jazon Azzopardi is in the lead ahead of Carm Mifsud Bonnici.

  5. 5th District - Żurrieq - Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is also in the lead fro Labour with Marlene Farrugia, Toni Bezzina and Hermann Schiavone in the lead for PN/Forza Nazzjonali.

  6. 6th District - Qormi - PL candidates in the lead include Robert Abela, Silvio Schembri, Roderick Galdes and Qormi mayor Rosianne Cutajar. PN’s Ryan Callus is leading the way closely followed by Clyde Puli.

  7. 7th District - Żebbug/Rabat - Ian Borg and Edward Scicluna are in the lead for PL. Jean-Pierre Debono, Beppe Fenech Adami and Godfrey Farrugia are in the lead for PN.

  8. 8th District - Birkirkara - Edward Scicluna, Edward Zammit Lewis and Chris Cardona lead for PL. On the other hand, PN candidates in the lead are Beppe Fenech Adami and Therese Comodini Cachia.

  9. 9th District - San Ġwann - Leading the PL votes are Edward Zammit Lewis and Michael Falzon. Kristy Debono is in the lead for PN closely followed by Robert Arrigo.

  10. 10th District - Sliema/St Julian’s - Evarist Bartolo, Manuel Mallia and Michael Falzon are in the lead for PL. Robert Arrigo seems to be the favourite for PN votes, followed by Francis Zammit Dimech and Marlene Farrugia.

  11. 11th District - Mosta - Chris Cardona, Anthony Agius Decelis and Michael Farrugia in the lead for PL while Simon Busuttil gained most of the PN’s votes.

  12. 12th District - Mellieha/St Paul’s Bay - Leading the PL votes are Evarist Bartolo and Deborah Schembri. For PN, Simon Busuttil is in the lead followed by Robert Cutajar.

  13. 13th District - Gozo - PL candidate Anton Refalo is in the lead, followed by Clint Camilleri, Justyne Caruana and Franco Mercieca. Chris Said and Marthese Portelli lead for the PN.


From how things are progressing, it seems like the leader of the Opposition will not be confronting the press any time soon.


New figures released by TVM are saying that PL are on the lead with 54.8%, Forza Nazzjonali hold 43.8% and AD with 1% of first-count votes.


Keith Schembri gives his own contribution to twitter.



One more member of parliament.



Jean-Claude Juncker sends his regards. #GoT #Labouriscoming




That feeling when your elation just can’t be confined to a car seat. #summervibes



Long-standing rumours of a similar landslide as four years ago are starting to look more and more official as media houses are reporting a win by over 30,000 votes for the 2nd time in Maltese political history. This despite the lowest voting turnout in 50 years at just over 92%.


Traffic cams in St Joseph High Street are a cross-section of all that is beautiful and pathetic about Maltese elections.


Lovin’ Malta give their 2 cents on why the Nationalist party lost the election.


“PN deputy leaders Beppe Fenech and Mario de Marco conceded defeat: ‘We recognize that the PN lost the election. we now need to analyse what happened and move on from there.’” - Wiki Elections.


Two announcements in quick succession:

  1. Konrad Mizzi, PL, wins 4th district.
  2. Unofficial results show PL winning by 54.9% while PN have garnered 43.8%.

Following the brief twitter exchange between the political leaders after they’ve been at each others’ throats for years, it’s like nobody told them life was gonna be this way:


Prime Minister Joseph Muscat replies to Opposition leader’s tweet.



Opposition leader Simon Busuttil comments on Labour victory.



Local media have reported that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the people have made the choice to move forward and not stop mid-way, repeating his extension of friendship to whomever wants to work with.

The people have chosen the positive campaign of the Labour Party as against the negativity and bitterness of the Opposition.

Early indications are showing that Labour have won the election, but official figures are not yet out. Considering it has been less than an hour and a half since the start of the sorting process, it could be that we are about to see another landslide. We will keep you posted.






Random person behind the divider: Knock Knock
Counter: …
Random person behind the divider: Knock Knock
Counter: …
Random person 2 behind the divider: “Ghati kasi hi, ghati kasi”


In other news, we can’t help but love H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca’s plea for peace amongst the Maltese population. If you missed it, take a look at the video below!


Vote sorting is now in full swing as the public gets more and more tense awaiting the results. Why people are already carcading in the streets is beyond us.


Counters are in place as they start sorting votes for the counting process.


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Nicole Borg

Nicole Borg

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LIVE FEED: General Election Results lead up

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