University General Election debate rescheduled to 17th May

Image: Michela Cutajar

Following a meeting held this morning at the Old Valletta Campus, the University of Malta Debating Union (MUDU) and The Third Eye said that the General Election Debate will be held on Wednesday 17th May at 13:00. Representatives from all parties except Alternattiva Demokratika were present to the meeting.

In a press conference held soon following the meeting, Professor Mario Vassallo, MUDU representative, expressed how the mature debate will still be open for just students, however efforts are being made to secure a live streaming link where all interested can watch. Due to some double bookings a few seats have become vacant. The debate will allow all four parties the same amount of speaking time. Moreover students can submit their questions by e-mail and social media, where they will be later filtered out by the organisers to ensure that all questions are fair.

This comes after a whole debacle where the Prime Minister rejected the offer of attendance for the debate due to other commitments - mainly the Ukrainain President’s visit to the Maltese Islands. Following this, the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) asked the organisers for a possible change of date however they were insisting on not doing so. As reported by Malta Today, the Prime Minister himself expressed how they were “presented with a take it or leave it situation.”

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University General Election debate rescheduled to 17th May

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