MMSA Celebrates Hindu Festival and Promotes Cultural Diversity


For the first time ever, Malta Medical Students’ Association (MMSA) embraced cultural diversity by celebrating the Hindu festival Navratri on the 9th of October. With KSU common room redesigned into an explosion of colour, guests were treated to an evening of culture, good food, smiles and traditional dancing. The event was co-ordinated by Aarti Shah, who also directed and assisted International co-ordinators Jean Claude Scicluna and VP for External Affairs Samuel Attard to make the event possible and authentic.

This was a brilliant opportunity for internationals and local students alike to get together and celebrate, dance, learn and laugh. MMSA expressed its pride in the varied cultural background it possesses through its members, which is part of what makes it unique. We are therefore eager to see many more eye-opening events come to life. Navratri is an important festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu goddess Durgama who represents the triumph of good over evil. The word ‘Navratri’ is Sanskrit for ‘nine nights’ during which the nine different forms of the deity are worshiped.

It is believed that the demon king Mahishasur prayed and meditated in order to please Lord Brahma and acquire immortality. This enabled him to spread terror on the entire Earth as well as Heaven, where the gods appealed to Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to put a stop to his reign of terror. Their combined efforts engendered Durgama who battled Mahishasur for nine days and nights in order to restore balance.

Navratri is celebrated all over India and Nepal, with the tenth day commonly known as Dussehra falling twenty days before Diwali, the festival of lights.

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MMSA Celebrates Hindu Festival and Promotes Cultural Diversity

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