Civil war has been proclaimed within the hive, and its intent is to annihilate me. I can hear their buzzing edging closer and I am unsure if my fragile insect wings will be successful to outrun the bees who are out for me. Their malicious intentions are weighing me down and, this time, I might not make it out alive.

​It all started in the beginning of the season; we had to build a new hive and anoint a new queen. Two candidates had moved forward and one was chosen blindly by her subjects. It was only a matter of time till we realised our grievous mistake. We had been trained that after a queen is chosen, her opponents are killed by us, so as to minimise treachery. This was different. The losing candidate, along with her trusted soldiers murdered the reigning queen. A new queen had risen. ​This new queen seemingly led well, only we did not know how wrong we were. The soldiers under her care grew strong and mighty, but the source of their growth was not wholesome. Pride, jealousy and corruption became the order of the day, and I slowly felt my companions turning into enemies.

​We were the greatest hive that ever existed. As the season progressed, we gathered new allies who thought were precious to us, but were looked down upon by our ranks. All the other swarms praised us for our mighty construction of the hive, and little did they know that our chambers were collapsing due to careless engineering, or were not being used at all.

​It was nearing the end of the season, and I, a humble bee, decided to go against the error of their ways and attempted to create a final campaign. It started out well, and we all had high hopes, as all the bees in all the ranks knew that I was capable. It was then that I made a slight mistake in my plans, and attempted to make amends. The queen and her soldiers were enraged, and their honest perspective of me and my hard work as a soldier were revealed. They knew that I was different from them, and therefore they attacked.

​I had to run. I am only one bee and I could not compete solely against an army. So I ran. And now I hear their buzzing getting nearer, and panic and rage are the only forces driving me forward. I find the entrance to the hive and I burst out. My wings instantly feel lighter, as the weight of a thousand sins is lifted, and I can fly. I had let them cast a dark shadow over my season within the hive, and I wasn’t going to let that progress any further. They have their hive, and nothing beyond their hive. I now have the world. I am free.

Written by

Kurt Abela

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