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Moving forward can be a tricky process. An organisation that wants to grow must focus not only on doing things right, but also on changing constantly to avoid ever slowing down.

ASCS can be proud of its growth in the past couple of years, thanks to a dedicated group of members who have overseen a remarkable transformation. From an association with a rich history and great potential but not much else, ASCS has now gone a long way to taking its place among the University of Malta’s premier student organisations. The easiest thing to do at this point would be to stick with the formula that seems to be working, but this year’s Executive decided to instead embark on a project to renew the structures of the organisation from the bottom upwards.

Last Friday’s Extraordinary General Meeting gave ASCS the opportunity to replace an outdated statute with a document that gives strong structure and guidance while also allowing room for the newly introduced system of free elections to flourish. Although last year’s AGM featured a mixed system including interviews and a limited election, prior to that ASCS Executives were chosen by a board including business partners and faculty representatives, and the effects of this period were felt through restrictive campaign regulations. Now, an Electoral Commission will be tasked with overseeing a fair and democratic process to allow students of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy to choose those who will run their student organisation.

The Executive itself will also see a change in structure, and is expanding in size from 9 to 11 members as befits an organisation which expects to improve each and every year. The roles of Vice President and Sales & Marketing Officer, which experience has shown are vague and overlap various other roles, have been axed in order to make way for new functions and ensure a more efficient administration. The new roles introduced are those of Industry Officer, Media Officer, External Relations Officer and Policy Officer. The reasoning behind this reshuffling of responsibilities is to ensure a better experience for students, allowing more focus on areas such as job opportunities, current affairs, and finding corporate partners. The introduction of a Disciplinary Board to aid the Executive in situations which may arise throughout the year is another step ASCS is taking to strengthen its structure.

With over 1600 members, ASCS is Malta’s largest faculty-based student organisation. Though it has come a long way, there is so much left to be achieved. With this new statute, now approved by EGM, ASCS is ready for the challenges to come.

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James Brockdorff

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ASCS - The way forward

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