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01:12pm: Debate has now come to a close. Thank you for following!

01:09pm: Arnold Cassola ‘Tourism is one of the great pillars of investment in Gozo.’

01:08pm: Dr Christian Zammit ‘The Labour government will keep on working on the investment in Gozo and that will give support to all organisations working towards this aim, including GUG.’

01:07pm: Matthew Charles Zammit asks the panel for any last comments before the debate comes to an end.

13:01pm: Kevin Cutajar, Gozitan Nationalist party candidate, addresses Arnold Cassola and tells he is speaking from the perspective of a Maltese person. He should try to look at things from a Gozitan’s point of view. He explains how under the Nationalist government Gozo had gone through various improvements upon which the Labour government should be improving. Now, he explains, that Gozo has ended up a victim of its own advancements and so it’s dying. He explains how our challenge now is how we’re going to keep Gozo alive. ‘From our education we are gaining a lot of information but we are not gaining leadership skills and this is the problem.’ When discussing accessibility, Cutajar goes on, we tend to focus to much on the tunnel, when we shouldn’t do so. We should focus on what will happen beyond that.

12:56pm: Ryan Mercieca ‘The Labour government keeps on reducing Gozo’s value’

12:51pm: Arnold Cassola ‘We need to work on improving on the things that make Gozo different from Malta.’

12:50pm: Matthew Charles Zammit asks about how the current identity of Gozo needs to be changed due to investment to happen in Gozo.

12:49pm: Ryan Mercieca ‘The Labour government does not care that work in Gozo is not being invested in and created.’

12:41pm: Dr Christian Zammit ‘In order to bring more investment in Gozo we need to have a working fibre-optic cable. They work hand in hand and the Labour government will be working on this, something the Nationalist party did not do after 25 years.’

12:37pm: Arnold Cassola ‘We need to show how Gozo is different than Malta and so create more interest in Gozo showing that it is not the same as Malta.’

12:35pm: Ryan Mercieca ‘A Short term solution would be analysing the sectors of work and seeing which ones can be invested in. Apart from that, we need to encourage Gozitans to invest in businesses in Gozo. The next step is to create a plan of action which will help the enrichment of investment in Gozo.’

12:34pm: Matthew Charles Zammit asks about solutions that could be proposed for investment in Gozo and in turn increasing work posts.

12:30pm: Ryan Mercieca ‘The Labour government has failed when coming to provide work in Gozo. Students have no idea what sector they should study in to work in Gozo because there is no concrete plan. My solution would be we need to remove the politics between parties and start speaking on politics for Gozo. Gozitans need to plan this between themselves and then discuss this in Parliament. The Labour government doesn’t care about this, all they care about is the increasing of votes.

12:24pm: Arnold Cassola ‘We have been debating the same things regarding the fiber-optic cable for three years now. The Nationalist government has been speaking about this for 30 years, while the Labour party has been speaking about this for the last 3 years. We need something concrete and a deadline to be followed. Nowadays it’s become easier to open a company in Panama than in Gozo.’

12:20pm: Dr Christian Zammit ‘We need to start by realising that the Nationalist government left nothing expect a thirts in Gozo. There were no investments. The Nationalist government had a lack of vision when it came to investment in Gozo’

12:16pm: Ryan Mercieca ‘The government is not taking the issue of Gozo becoming a region as seriously as it should.’

12:14pm: Arnold Cassola ‘The problem is not just saying you are a region, but you have the necessary requirements to be a region.’

With the GUG Gozo Week 2016 under way, Insite Malta will be providing you with a live feed of the debate starting now in quad. With Matthew Charles Zammit as moderator and Ryan Mercieca, Arnold Cassola and Dr Christian Zammit as speakers on the panel.

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Live feed: GUG The Debate

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