Graduates quit their full time jobs to create an app


Leaving your job and creating your own is not an easy decision. However, founder and co-founder of MyHurryApp Matthew Borg Carr and Dr. Raiza Borg Carr left their full time jobs to embark on this new venture in which they created their own application, MyHurryApp.

1. What inspired you to leave your full time jobs to develop an application?

Creating a job is better than finding a job - that is our primary motto. We worked as a web-developer and a lawyer for two employers respectively, however we both felt that we would be able to achieve much more if we had to join forces and create something of our own.

We had first thought about the concept of MyHurryApp about 4 years ago, when Raiza needed an emergency appointment after the concerned service provider cancelled. We started brainstorming on developing this idea, however Matthew, the software engineer knew he needed to be full-time hands on this project to be able to successfully deliver the app. When the right moment came, Matthew left his full-time job in early 2018 and started developing the app. Months later, Raiza also left her full-time job, so that she could assist Matthew with all administrative and legal matters relating to the same project.

Dr Raiza Borg Carr


Dr Raiza Borg Carr

2. Leaving your full time job sounds like a big deal. What were your fears? Have you had to face any of them?

It is a big deal - that is why when we left our full-time jobs we had to make sure it was the right moment to do so. It is scary because you do not know what lies ahead. One thing we were afraid of was that someone else might come up with idea before we actually launched it. This scared us because we did not want all of our hard work to go to waste. We thus always had to race against time, whilst at the same time maintaining a good quality product.

So yes, we did face our fears and we still do because the future is unknown.

3. What obstacles did you come across? Were there any obstacles you weren’t expecting before taking the leap?

One of the obstacles we faced was life itself - our lifestyle had to drastically change and this was not easy. To begin with, we like to travel, but we had to cutback. We also had to cutback on other perks we used to enjoy. It is not easy when your financial circumstances change. This was something we were expecting before taking the leap. We experienced a lot of frustration especially when certain progress took longer than we expected - this may our fault since we tend to work and execute immediately so we expected immediate fantastic results as well at times. It is very easy to get doubts. However we always supported one another and stayed focused on our goals and the results we wanted to achieve, simply because we wanted to get there. And we knew that only by working hard we could get there.

Matthew Borg Carr


Matthew Borg Carr

4.Can you explain what the application you developed does? What makes it stand out from other similar applications that help you find service providers?

MyHurryApp is meant to bridge the gap between the customers and the businesses in a revolutionary way.

With MyHurryApp consumers can send a request to multiple service providers with just one click. It saves time and money. The businesses who can help out will reach out to them. MyHurryApp is free for consumers. We are offering a 3-month free subscription to interested businesses upon signing up.

Through MyHurryApp, businesses can also promote special offers as well as fill up any last-minute cancellations/appointments.

MyHurryApp also features a map which shows where all businesses are located. Consumers can get directions via GPS to the business, as well as add such business to favourites, chat, get opening hours as well as other contact details. MyHurryApp’s calendar also reminds the consumer/business two hours before the appointment, as well as prompts them afterwards to leave a rating on their experience.

5. Do you use the application yourself?

Yes of course - and we encourage everyone else to try it too.

6. Now that you have developed the application, what are you after?


We are now working on the second phase of the app, which will be bigger and better! We are also working hard to launch the app abroad, particularly in the UK market. In early October we were in London and we started negotiations which will lead to MyHurryApp presence in the UK. This is also of benefit to our local businesses as it will get foreign exposure. We will not stop here - we are already thinking of targeting other countries.

MyHurryApp is an application which makes it easier to look up and book service providers such as restaurants, hair salons, etc. With one tap you can send numerous requests to different service providers making it possible for those who can help out to contact you directly in real-time. MyHurryApp also provides service providers with the possibility of advertising their last minute availabilities and special offers.

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Graduates quit their full time jobs to create an app

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