Victoria Melita Zammit on the modern validity of poetry


When people think of poetry they associate it with the highbrow and long-winded words of, say, Chaucer. However, poetry is a fluid medium that has always been a wonderful way of expressing one’s views and opinions. People are still using this powerful tool to share with others their hardships, perspectives and so on.

Victoria Melita Zammit, is a young poet who has committed pen to paper and has created her own collection of poems. Her book is cleverly entitled Painted Words and contains a total of 36 poems. Victoria has been writing since she could hold a pen in her hand. “I want people to be able to see,” she said, “that poetry can be relatable and simple and different”. She believes in the emotions that are powerfully conveyed through poetry.


The poet’s work ranges from personal to imaginative and deals with a variety of topics. In one of the three sections in her book Victoria talks about her own struggles with mental health. This section, A Bleeding Heart, conveys Victoria’s own experiences making it a very raw and real section.

One of the most interesting parts in Victoria’s book is entitled Definition. The way that this section was created is what makes it so fascinating. Victoria used 15 random words to create a series of poems that together tell a story. She created this section as a challenge for herself which also allowed her to add a little bit more fun and creativity to her writing.

Every writer has their own favourite pieces and the same can be said for Victoria. Her top pick from her book is entitled The Ruin of my Generation. Whilst writing this poem, the author said that she kept asking herself, “if Shakespeare was born today, would he have used the internet or demonised it?”. She added that her “answer will always be: used it, and definitely abused it”. Victoria suggests that this poem be read out aloud, so make sure you book mark that page.


Victoria’s writing can be summed up in three simple worlds, personal, soulful and relatable. She aspires to continue to inspire more and more people to drop their previous ideas about poetry and realise what an expressive medium it really is.

Painted Words will be released tomorrow the 10th of March, Victoria will be hosting an event where one can meet her in person and get their copy signed. The book is also currently available for purchase on Amazon. If you are interested in learning more about the young writer Victoria you can follow her on social media: Of Scripted Shadows (Facebook) or @scriptsandshadows (Instagram).

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Emma Asciak

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Victoria Melita Zammit on the modern validity of poetry

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