Maltese graduate in Australia making a difference on both ends of the globe


Cancer has threatened the lives of thousands of individuals, and will continue to do so until a cure may be found. Oriana Farrugia, who at the young age of 28 is taking on a challenge to give people suffering from Leukaemia a fighting chance spoke to Insite about how she intends to help the Community Chest Fund from the other side of the globe.

Oriana was born and raised in Malta but after living in Australia whilst on an exchange trip she fell in love with it. Now she is back in Australia and is participating in an amazing event known as the World’s Greatest Shave. This organisation helps raise money for Leukaemia patients. Leukaemia is a cancer which starts in blood-forming tissue, usually the bone marrow. It leads to the over-production of abnormal white blood cells, the part of the immune system which defends the body against infection.


World’s Greatest Shave is reaching its 20th anniversary this year, marking a big milestone for this organisation. Its aim is not for people to donate their hair but for people to raise money. In fact, anyone who participates in this event may cut or dye their hair, men can even shave their moustaches. It is a great initiative that helps generate funding in a fun and sometimes entertaining way.

Oriana is taking the plunge and shaving all her hair off. This can be quite trialling for any girl as hair is an important aspect of femininity, especially in the Western culture. Oriana’s decision stems from her understanding that one, hair grows back, and two, other people need her hair more than she does. She lives her life based on the motto that giving is receiving.

Oriana has set a goal of reaching $1,200 (AUD), and she has been rather successful so far. She is eager to reach this particular number as the World’s Greatest Shave will use it to fund the transportation of a Leukaemia patient, after undergoing chemotherapy, for two weeks. This marker is known as the Beep Beep Badge and Oriana is so close to achieving her goal as she is just £85 (AUD) short.


Malta will always have a special place in Oriana’s heart and that is why through this journey she will not only be helping Australians but she will also give a little to her first home. Once Oriana has shaved her head she will return to Malta with her hair, which she will be donating to the Community Chest Fund.

Oriana will be shaving her head on the 16th of March, which means she still has three weeks left. If you want to help her achieve her goals and help Leukaemia patients you can donate here. Being a university student not that long ago, Oriana wants to encourage more young people, like herself, to take action and help out in any way they can.

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Emma Asciak

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Maltese graduate in Australia making a difference on both ends of the globe

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