5 student actors nearly make it to Miami this weekend

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What do Elvis Presley, the Salesians Theatre, and the University of Malta have in common? An uncompromising and off-beat comedy show with a young cast including five of our University’s own students, of course! ‘Laugh? I nearly went to Miami’ will be performed this weekend only providing the audience with snort-worthy dead-pan humour, and a good dose of very British wit. Insite caught up with five of the actors and spoke to them about what it’s like to be full-time students and part-time actors, considering our hectic lifestyles nowadays, but there was a catch – they only had 5 seconds to answer their questions.

What is the worst thing about being a student actor?

Nicole Piscopo (Psychology): The stress of trying to manage studying at Uni and going to rehearsals. Nicola Mangion (International Relations): Lack of sleep, trying to balance – as they said – and trying not to fail all your exams. Kyle Mangani (Architecture): I don’t have the time to eat properly. Thomas Grixti (Dentistry): Time-management and catching up with sleep. Neil Grech (Digital Arts): The lack of sleep and no time to learn your lines.

Image: Mathias Mallia

What is the best thing about being a student actor?

NP: You get to have something to do every day. NM: It’s like stress relief and it’s a creative outlet as well. KM: Getting to know new people to work with and … (time’s up) TG: Putting yourself out there for other people to know you exist. NG: You get to experience and meet a lot of people, and you get to experience different plays.

What would be the moment when you could say, “I made it!”?

NP: Performing something longer than two shows, something on a big scale. NM: It feels like you’ve made it every time you finish a show and there’s applause and the satisfaction at the end of each show. KM: You know you’ve made it when you can be a full-time actor and say “bye bye” to your other career. TG: When you actually start considering quitting your course. NG: As soon as we close the last curtain of the last show and then we get ready to go to the party.

Image: Mathias Mallia

In 5 second turns, explain the story of the play.

NP: It’s about a couple, Tom and Alice, whose flight gets cancelled and when they get home they find … NM: … a suitcase full of money which they’ve exchanged with another person at the airport and it creates a lot of confusion … KM: … they don’t know what to do with the money and somewhere in the middle, in comes an insane policeman … TG: … this insane person needs to get the money back, but he forgets … NG: … just come watch it and you’ll know!

How would you describe your characters?

NP: I’m playing Alice; she’s very lively and in love with Tom. NM: I’m playing Muriel, she’s a very horny person who really just wants a night of fun which gets disturbed because of the money. KM: I’m playing Inspector Hendy, a policeman who thinks he’s above everyone. TG: I’ll be interpreting the character of Frankie, who is a very haphazard and loud guy, trying to be tough. NG: I am Barney; a friendly, loving, flirtatious, forward character … dumb as well.

Image: Mathias Mallia

How much of yourselves are you putting in your character?

NP: I can see a lot of myself in Alice, she’s very optimistic and lively but at times she’s also more risk-taking than I am. NM: We’re very different characters, but if I had to find one thing in common it’s that we both enjoy the fun aspect of life. KM: I will definitely never be a policeman because I’m crazy, but sometimes I like having a little bit of authority over others. TG: I can say that I’m giving it my all. I am my character except in terms of patience. NG: Oh my god 90%! But I’m not too forward because I’m in a relationship so …

Is there any other character you would also like to portray? Male or female?

NP: Auntie looks like fun and she’s always drunk, while I always seem drunk when I’m actually sober. NM: Auntie as well, because she’s always drunk as well and it looks like a really fun character to portray. KM: Auntie because she’s happy-go-lucky and always has a drink in her hand. TG: Definitely Auntie because of the same reasons, but I’d also like to try out Barney because of his manner of lying. NG: I would be Frankie because I’m macho and strong and I want to be a hero.

Image: Mathias Mallia

If there’s any student who wants to try theatre, what would your advice to them be?

NP: Now is the best time to do it because, although we all have a lot of work to do, if you want it enough you’ll manage and find time. NM: F*ck it, just go for it and try out as many things as possible. KM: Go for it and don’t worry too much about studying, don’t waste away at home studying. If you want to enjoy life, then enjoy it. TG: It’s a place when you can not only be another character, but you can also be yourself. NG: Just do it, just explore it, and you will love it if you put your heart and soul into it.

Why should students come to see this play?

NP: It’s fun, it’s a good laugh, and it’s a good night out. NM: It’s something different because usually theatre is more dramatic and deep, whereas this is something light so it appeals to more people, I think.

Image: Mathias Mallia

KM: At the end of the play, Thomas will be topless. TG: Because I’ll be topless. NG: It’s just amazing, you’ll have a good laugh, and you’ll actually find something to do in Malta, since we don’t usually have that much to do apart from going to Paceville so might as well do something different.

Hurry up and get your tickets while there are still any left.

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5 student actors nearly make it to Miami this weekend

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