Doctor turned entrepreneur opens Malta’s first and only subscription box brand


Daniel Fenech graduated in medicine and worked as an MD starting 2015 before going on what will probably be a three-year stint in entrepreneurship before returning to his chosen career path in medicine. After reading an M.Ent. in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship to make sure he had a solid foundation, Dr Fenech founded Plait, Malta’s first and only subscription box brand.

A subscription box is essentially a usually monthly package full of niche products which the subscribers pay for in advance and receive at home. This business model has picked up like wildfire all over the world with brands offering niche packages for all kinds of interests from online gaming, to sports memorabilia, to alcohol. In fact, Plait offer a range of boxes one can subscribe to namely the Malta Plait, the Organic Plait, the vastly popular Beer Plait and Wine Plait, and their latest addition to the range, the Beauty Plait.

In less the three months, Plait have garnered over 10,000 likes on Facebook, partly due to the fact that all of the company’s crates are professionally curated finding sommeliers for their Wine Plait and beer aficionados for their Beer Plait, among others. Delivery is also suited to the client’s needs arriving at the chosen address on a chosen day for free.

This company created by young people needs all the help they can to keep up with their busy delivery schedule and are looking to keep expanding. In fact, they are also calling for students who need flexible part-time work to contact them. It is as simple as having a few boxes to deliver after lectures on the way home in your area on days they have time to for some easy cash at the end of it.

Insite and Plait have also teamed up to give you a chance to win one of your own Beer Plaits or even the exclusive newly launched Beauty Plait. All you have to do is like Insite’s page and share the competition photo with the caption, “Give me a Beer Plait!” or “Give me a Beauty Plait!” while tagging Plait’s Facebook page in the caption. The one with the most likes wins, simple.

For more information on the competition, come to Insite’s stand at the KSU Freshers’ Week and for more information about the brand, go to

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Mathias Mallia

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Doctor turned entrepreneur opens Malta’s first and only subscription box brand

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