Healing the world one plastic cup at a time


In hopes of influencing the local community to take care of the Maltese Islands by not littering, Junior Chamber International Malta (JCI Malta), in collaboration with Let’s do it! Malta and Malta Cleanup have set themselves the ambitious task of bringing together a task force of 23,000 people for a World Cleanup Day on the 15th of September 2018.

In a recent Zaar crowdfunding project that the collaborators released, they explained how based on statistics from 2015 which were collected by the NSO, the Maltese government spends approximately €105,081,000 on ‘Waste Management’. When calculating it down to a cost per person living on the Maltese Islands, it results in approximately €240.49 spent on each person per year.

In preparation, as well as a means, of creating awareness on the littering issue, the organisers are putting together a large number of village clean ups as part of a National Cleanup Day which will happen on the 16th September 2017. All clean ups will also be used as a means to show all volunteers how to properly separate waste and this will be done by assigning each individual to collect one type of waste only. The collected waste is then weighed according to type so that statistics can be calculated easily.

In the Zaar crowdfunding description, the organisations explain that for the National Cleanup Day they are aiming to involve as much as half the required population for the World Cleanup Day happening the following year. Aiming to include 10,200 volunteers, they will be targeting help from 68 local councils to clean up 204 spots around Malta and Gozo with 50 people on each site, all in one day.

Locals are being encouraged to give a donation according to how much they think they can afford in order to support this event. Whether one can donate as little as 5 Euro sponsoring a pair of heavy duty gloves or as far as 700 Euro, in order to sponsor a site from start to finish. Of course, many other options lie in between and you can find them on the page itself. In only two days the crowd fund has been supplied with over 600 Euro out of the 5,000 Euro goal, backed by 17 generous individuals.

If you’d like to join in and be one puzzle piece from 10,200, and potentially the 23,000 for the World Cleanup Day, then head on to the Let’s do it! Malta page and send a quick message where you will be guided through what needs to be done. Or else, if you want to send in a lovely donation, make sure to drop by the crowd fund itself on the Zaar website.

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Nicole Borg

Nicole Borg

Nicole Borg is a currently a 4th year student studying Communications and Theatre Studies. She joined Insite as a writer and editor in 2014/2015. Following she progressed to join the media team as Publications Officer in 2015/16. Currently she is the Executive Editor of Insite Malta for the term of 2016/17.

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Healing the world one plastic cup at a time

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