Exclusive interview: Relikc to reveal their Code of Antics


Not many people expect an “upcoming Maltese funk band” to be composed of a teacher, a notary public, an engineer, an architect, and a marketing executive. Yet, five individuals: Luke, Keith, Joe, Ivan and Lesnich - have been pulling it off for the past few years, and they are finally releasing their Debut Album “Code of Antics” on the 21st July at Xara Lodge Madliena. Having been a budding follower over the last few years, I was delighted to talk to some of the members about their upcoming debut launch and their music amongst other things.


They started telling me how it all began back in secondary school, when 3 of the present members played together in different line ups for various bands back. But it was a musical event organised by a 6th form which brought Ivan, Keith and Luke and other musicians to plant the seed of what is today known as Relikc. “Eventually Joe joined and we became a 5 piece: Luke, Ivan, Joe, myself and another drummer” Keith explained, “Then the original drummer moved on to other projects and Lesnich was drafted in, a bit before our first EP was released.”

Their EP “Primetime” marked the end of an inactive but significant period for Relikc, experimenting different styles and making crucial decisions about the band’s future. But thanks to the support they received from the student fan base they gathered over the past 10 years, the boys figured out the direction they wanted to go, and being inspired by artists like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars, Relikc oriented towards emerging these influences with Funk: an element which primarily features in their music.


After being asked about the meaning behind the album’s title, the band wanted to present their authentic goofy selves to the audience through their music and live performances in a professional manner. They decided to name the album Code of Antics: a play on words of Code of Ethics - something which they believe better portrays the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes, as well as their long (and most probably lasting) friendship, which they hope to transmit through their music.

“The Antics are present, more than anything else, because we are friends” Keith commented, “Although we’re giving a professional performance, we also want to transmit the fun that goes on during rehearsals”. In fact, Relikc decided to produce a mini-series ahead of the launch to showcase the various behind-the-scene moments that went on whilst creating the album.


I was eager to speak to them about their latest single “Strut” which currently boasts a #2 spot in the PRS Malta Music Charts. Keith said it emerged from a random organ melody that keyboardist Joe played during a sound-check, which was later on accompanied by Lesnich’s original “strut” move, and eventually also lyrics.

Talking about the single’s music video produced by MAKA Visuals, Luke expressed how the band was initially concerned about featuring dogs as part of the video’s storyline. “He decided to personify the lyrics into dogs basically,” Luke commented, “we were taken aback at first, but once we were sold the idea and saw samples of the animation, we were hooked.” Thankfully, the strut move still made it to the music video, and it now features a gold diggin’ corgi strutting his stuff out.

The boys also spoke about their trip to London where they mastered their Debut Album at Abbey Road Studios: home to many artists’ music records such as those of Adele and The Beatles. “It was our first experience abroad as a band” Luke said, “apart from the musical benefits we got, it was an excellent opportunity for us to spend quality time together.”

Finally, the band revealed what one should expect out of their upcoming Album Launch which will be be held this Friday at Madliena Lodge, and they said it’s going to be more than just listening to new music.


“When one attends an album launch, one typically ends up being a musical critic listening to the album, and in some cases it tends to be boring” Ivan commented, “We want the people to join in the fun.” Apart from their 12-track album, Relikc will also perform covers, putting their twist on familiar songs for the audience to enjoy.

Upcoming band Lara and the Juke Boys will also be there to warm up the audience for the night, and an additional 8 musicians will join the band, making it a total of 13 musicians. Relikc is gearing up to get their audience movin’ and groovin’, and one should definitely not miss out on this!


Tickets can be bought from the band’s website http://www.relikc.com or via http://www.ticketarena.co.uk. More information can be found on the Facebook Event, or on their facebook page. Relikc would like to thank their sponsors Costa Coffee Malta and Antonio’s Barber shop, and to The AV Warehouse, Late Interactive, KuYa Asian Pub, JuBox Recording House and Beehive Productions for supporting them.

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Marilyn Aquilina

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Exclusive interview: Relikc to reveal their Code of Antics

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