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The long awaited Malta Model United Nations (MaltMUN) is back again and is currently open for all those who’d like to experience a simulation of the United Nations. The conference which will be happening between the 15th and 17th of September and which is being organised by the Malta Model United Nations Society, will see participants acting as diplomats by representing their country’s interest in various committees.

Following two successful editions of MaltMUN, this year’s edition titled Death of the Border Eliminating Lines of Demarcation Between States has seen an increase of one committee in order to have a wider variety for students to choose from. Students will be getting the chance to discuss and come up with solutions for the struggle between State sovereignty and globalisation.

The committees for this year include the Security Council, the International Court of Justice, the Special Political and Decolonisation Committee, the Economic and Financial Council, and the World Health Organisation. Speaking to Insite Malta, MaltMUN’s Conference Manager, Pamela Cann Rodgers explained how the “committees are all accompanied by two topics according to their specialised area apart from the ICJ which has a case.” Admitting that the topics chosen are quite challenging, Pamela expressed that they are truly interesting as they explore the reality we are currently living in.

“Where should we draw the line between sovereignty and globalisation? Does this line really exist? Is globalisation really nurturing our state and aiding citizens, or rather is it taking away the sovereign nature of our statehood? These will all be questions that participants will be facing as they research topics and attempt solutions,” explained Pamela.

When asked about her favourite topics being discussed during this third edition of MaltMUN, Pamela pin-pointed the second topic of the SPECPOL committee ‘A borderless world: To what extent should boundaries exist?’. “It is extremely broad, and that’s why I like it so much. One’s thoughts would probably run to migration and to Donald Trump’s famous wall, however, I envisioned something more practical for this topic specifially and this year’s conference more generally. For example, what different types of boundaries can exist within countries beyond the obvious physical ones?,” she explained.

However one might ask, why is it that they should make an effort to apply and attend such a conference? Pamela insists that MaltMUN “is the perfect opportunity to start nurturing active citizens.” While the conference will give participants the opportunity to inform themselves about various aspects of both national and international concern, they will also be gaining the opportunity to develop their debating and public speaking skills. And if you’re one who’s afraid of speaking in public, this conference provides you with the perfect setting to face your fears.

Apart from the committee sessions which will take place in the mornings and afternoons, MaltMUN will also encourage participants to mingle and network with each other. “While planning we kept in mind that most of the participants are fellow students and youths, and that we would all enjoy some time to cool down after a day of debating, so we made sure to add some fun into the mix. In fact on the first night, we will be having an international night with finger food at the traditional but eclectic Café Riche. . Whilst on the second night of the conference we will be enjoying an open bar with free-flowing wine and beer at the scenic Haywharf. Both nights are covered by the Social Pack which can be bought for just €25 – which includes Friday’s finger food and Saturday’s open bar,” Pamela added on.

If this has sparked your interest and you would like to see for yourself what there is to gain from such an experience, you can apply through MaltMUN’s website or else follow the directions on the Facebook Event created specifically for the conference. And guess what? No experience whatsoever is required as a training session will be offered in order to explain the rules of an MUN and give attendees basic information.

If you’d like to keep up to date with MaltMUN’s latest endeavours you might also want to like and follow their Facebook page.

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Nicole Borg

Nicole Borg

Nicole Borg is a currently a 4th year student studying Communications and Theatre Studies. She joined Insite as a writer and editor in 2014/2015. Following she progressed to join the media team as Publications Officer in 2015/16. Currently she is the Executive Editor of Insite Malta for the term of 2016/17.

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Join MaltMUN and find solutions to the Death of the Border

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