9 Realistic and Necessary Suggestions by University Students to KSU

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KSU recently asked students to pass suggestions to the council for the upcoming term in a Facebook competition, and the replies were what we were all hoping for.

Students did take the time to submit suggestions to KSU in order to win a prize though. So yes, we’ll never really know if around 30 people would have actually made this sort of contribution in the space of a few days had there not been Isle of MTV Music Week tickets within reach.

It’s also quite mind boggling how some of these suggestions were completely absent from this year’s KSU election manifests, because they’re pretty much what we’ve all wanted to see happen at University from the moment we stepped foot on campus.

Directly from those comments, including the five ultimate winners who will be partying hard (potentially as of tonight), these are 9 suggestions we hope KSU will actually put into practice during the upcoming scholastic year.

Turning UoM into an actual campus

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YAS. The library is for when I actually decide that I want or need to study (or when I’m forced to meet my group for an assignment or presentation). The canteen is for when there is no other place on the whole campus I can stay in, and when I know I’ll be OK with whatever smell is coming out of the kitchen.

So I’m all for a proper chill out zone that doesn’t force me to engage in unnecessary Quadding.

Former KSU President knows best

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I’m not sure the library staff will be too happy about this. I already get enough ugly stares as it is. But awesome suggestion, for sure.

Roasting lecturers

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Imagine how cool it would be to be able turn the tables for every time you’ve had to endure your lecturer’s litany of notes and presentations. KE, take note.

We love sleeping

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If this actually happened, I would not leave that hammock. Ever. Unless there’s also a vita foam mattress nearby.

Never enough open bars

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Definitely better than crowding to St. Julian’s or drinking a pint on my own in Quad after my St. Patrick’s Day lectures.

I have a feeling there is a 99.9% chance that KSU will actually take up this idea. But another 99.9% chance that the UoM Administration will end up stopping it from happening.

One for our inner child

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Whoever from MUSC decided to do this on campus during Sports Fest last year deserves a medal. This has to happen. PLEASE.

The suggestion we can’t believe people still have to bring up

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You can find sockets pretty much everywhere at UoM, including outside sometimes. So how has this not happened in the silent area of library yet?

To be honest though, I’m surprised that this was the most-liked comment of all. I’m not sure if even half of the people who liked it have actually ever been to the silent area that isn’t at the top floor of the library.

The person I want to hug for suggesting this

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This paragraph sums up what I hope to see at UoM someday. Thank you.

And the first thing every single person on campus would improve if they were ever in KSU

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Eduroam vs. CSC - that is the bloodbath of a battle my phone and my laptop have to experience every time I’m at University.

Remember: If you want something to improve on campus, and you think that KSU can take it on, just go ahead and approach them with it. Don’t wait for another ticket competition to make your opinion heard.

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Johann Agius

Johann Agius

Johann Agius is a fourth year law student who is currently the CEO of Insite after fulfilling the roles of Public Relations Officer and External Relations Officer in previous years. He joined Insite as a writer and photographer in 2013 and was elected in the executive for the first time a year later.

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9 Realistic and Necessary Suggestions by University Students to KSU

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