Don't let the noise get to you!

Image: Matthew Camilleri

Everyone visiting the University library, canteen, common room and the quadrangle got to take with them a little token provided by THATSpace. Set up late last year and backed up by MITA Innovation Hub, the start up company THATSpace is aiming to change the way freelancers, professionals, students and start ups work by helping them in finding alternative spaces from which they can carry out their work, especially when lacking an office.

As a little marketing stunt, the start up company decided to send out a message to students on the University of Malta campus through the use of an ear plugs set attached to a flyer. Clearly knowing how much students love to be awarded freebies, especially during exam season, many eagerly took the ear plugs from their respective desks and wore them immediately, while others read the flyer in interest. (Even the librarians took a knack for this sweet little gift).

Image: Matthew Camilleri

Speaking with one of the founders of THATSpace, Eman Mifsud explained that after “having been a student myself I know exactly just how much noise can get to you when trying to concentrate. After coming up with THATSpace’s concept, we thought it would also be good for students to learn about the benefits of finding alternative spaces they can use around the Maltese Islands from which they can work and study. Like this they will no longer end up wasting time stuck in loads of traffic and attempting to find parking.”

Knowing just how difficult it might get when trying to study and the noise is just too much for one to concentrate, THATSpace provides all with a directory of productive spaces around the Maltese Islands.

Image: Matthew Camilleri

The directory offers a list of coffee shops, restaurants and hotels which are available for mobile working, studying, group assignments, meetings and more. On top of that, the website maintains an algorithm that ranks the different spots according to their productivity metrics mainly how fast their Wi-Fi connection is, how many power outlets are available and the noise level of the environment.

If you’d like to learn more about THATSpace make sure to visit their website.

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