LIVE FEED: KSU Annual General Meeting


Another year, another KSU AGM. As in previous years, Insite will be guiding you through what’s happening over here at Sir Temi Zammit Hall. Whilst wishing luck to KSU and all participating in this event, we look forward to listen to everything that has been worked upon by the council throughout this year’s term.

15:05 The KSU AGM has now come to an end. We will now await the Electoral Head Commissioner to announce the date of the election for Culture and Entertainment Officer between Nicholas Martinelli and Harley Mallia.

15:04 Harley Mallia takes the podium, also contesting for the role of Culture & Entertainment Officer: “I believe I am the ideal candidate because of my experience both within and outside of University. I want to reach those who are not as active on campus with innovative ideas which have not been attempted before. I have always been active behind the scenes, even though I have never been an executive member of a student organisation”.

15:02 Nicholas Martinelli takes the podium, contesting for the role of Culture & Entertainment Officer: “I believe that my experience in student activism including in UoM Futsal will help me fulfil this role. I want to propose change in the system, encouraging the participation of all students even if they are not backed by Pulse or SDM”.

15:00 Gayle Lynn Callus confirms that these 10 candidates have now been automatically elected due to no votes of no confidence being raised against them.

14:58 The 10 SDM candidates who have been solely nominated for their respective roles within KSU give short speeches.

14:47 It is announced that all 12 contesting candidates will be given 1 minute each to speak, including independent candidate Martinelli.

14:43 Gayle Lynn Callus announces that there are 2 persons nominated for the role of Culture & Entertainment Officer: Harley Mallia on behalf of SDM and Nicholas Martinelli as an independent candidate. Therefore, an election will have to be held to elect the person to occupy this role.

14:40 Gayle Lynn Callus announces the 10 SDM candidates whose nomination was the only one received for their respective roles: - President - Robert Napier - Vice President - Steve Zammit Lupi - Secretary General - Carla Galea - Financial Officer - Joseph Teuma - Public Relations Officer - Michael Aquilina - Education Coordinator - Gillian Asciak - International Officer - Martina Darmanin - International Coordinator - Anthea Fenech - Social Policy Coordinator - Céline Talbot - Culture and Entertainment Coordinator - Luke Abela

14:37 Robert Napier has proposed an amendment to Article 8.1 of the KSU statute, to state that the AGM should be called between the beginning of March and the end of April. This has been modified to the original provision which limited the date to April 15th. Napier states he is proposing this amendment since the AGM this year could not be held before April 15th due to Easter recess, and therefore this amendment will cater for similar situations that may arise in the future.

14:34 Duncan Muscat is also nominated as KSU Architect, and there no votes against this nomination.

14:32 Head commissioner and the rest of the Electoral Commission have been approved with no votes against.

14:30 Also nominated as part of the Electoral Commission are Leo Muscat, Emmanuel Zammit, Michael Piccinino, Kurt Grech, James Aaron Ellul, Jeannette Gillard, Matthew John Dougall, Karl Attard and Chiara Francesca Refalo. Petra Grech and Marie Micallef are nominated as reserves.

14:26 Moving on now to the nomination of the Electoral Commission. Gabriel Micallef nominates Duncan Muscat as Head Commissioner.

14:22 KSU Auditor and Lawyer are also both nominated and approved.

14:20 Both the discipline and appeals board members have been approved with no votes against.

14:15 5 discipline board members and 2 reserves are nominated by Gabriel Micallef of SDM and Johnluke Ellul of Pulse. The 5 members are Luke Muscat, Ernest Mercieca, Maria Muscat, Fleur Abela and Clive Aquilina. Appeals board members are also nominated.

14:14 Dimech mentions positive KSU initiatives for Gozitan students including free bus fares and giving Gozitan students the opportunity to undergo their exams in Gozo. She also thanks Steph Dalli with whom she communicated constantly.

14:12 Maria Dimech (Gozo Liaison Officer) takes the podium. “My main aim was to facilitate the lives of Gozitan students by solidifying our already positive relationship with KSU”.

14:11 All the KSU reports presented have been approved with no votes against them.

14:10 Floor is opened for any questions to the KSU executive members, but no questions are raised.

14:09 An emotional Denis Muscat thanks Tina Miggiani for always encouraging him in his work within KSU.

14:07 Muscat: “Kokka Kampus was a new initiative by KSU this year that negated the common misconception that Maltese students cannot compete artistically with everyone else”.

14:05 Denis Muscat (Culture & Entertainment Office) takes the podium. “This was year full of hard work and obstacles, but I believe we managed to overcome them all, always maintaining our aim of being of service to all students”.

14:02 Steve Zammit Lupi (Culture & Entertainment Office) takes the podium. “Student apathy was a huge challenge for us this year, but our aim was to address it head on”.

14:01 Hili: “Thank you to all students who attended our events and supported us. Without you, this council would not be what it is today”.

14:00 Hili: “I would like to thank all institutions outside of UoM who helped our students develop their skills through our many initiatives this year”.

13:58 Alexander Hili (Social Policy Coordinator) takes the podium. He mentions the upcoming KSU Challenge, the Debate Society League and Campaign Plus - all KSU initiatives to enhance student activism.

13:56 Buttigieg: “It was my absolute pleasure to represent you students, whose presence helped our office be successful this year”.

13:55 Buttigieg: “We wanted to increase our presence in the media in order to enhance our socio-political presence”. He also mentions KSU’s presence in awareness-raising social campaigns, including its multiple collaborations with the new organisation Hybrid, which included the painting of a rainbow crossing near Vjal Tessie.

13:53 Etienne Buttigieg (Social Policy Officer) takes the podium. “Our main aim was to represent the student body with a solid and strong Social Policy Commission”.

13:50 Miggiani: “Our work was only possible thanks to the help provided by all members of the KE and the sub-committees”.

13:49 Tina Miggiani (Education Coordinator) takes the podium. She mentions that KE met 9 times this year, together with other meetings with student organisations.

13:47 Stoner: Careers and Research Expo invited as many different industries as possible, to be a bridge between students and potential employers.

13:45 Rebecca Stoner (Education Officer) takes the podium. “We wanted to provide students with all tools possible to help them in their studies and their future”.

13:44 Briffa mentions initiatives made by KSU to involve UoM students in the Maltese Presidency, as well as the International Office’s new initiative a Webinar on marine litter held at the US Embassy.

13:42 Martina Briffa herself (International Coordinator) takes the podium. “We wanted to keep our office alive with initiatives already beloved by students, but at the same time being innovative”.

13:40 Portanier mentions international exchanges, as well as the MEP opportunities initiative. She also thanks Martina Briffa who was her International Coordinator within KSU.

13:38 Julia Portanier (International Officer) takes the podium. She mentions a number of KSU initiatives from the past year which aimed to integrate foreign students with Maltese students at UoM, including an improved buddy system.

13:35 Vella: “We started Freshers Week with the theme of Dream, Design and Develop. This explains exactly my journey with KSU of putting into effect the ideas we think up”.

13:32 Anna Vella (PRO) takes the podium. “Communication was essential to my role, so I wanted to secure a good relationship between KSU and everyone else we work with”.

13:29 Teuma: €3000 in rebates to first time buyers of motorbikes and €10,000 in credit for students who use public transport were some of the investments made by KSU.

13:28 Joseph Teuma takes the podium to discuss further KSU’s financial office. €50,000 in funds were invested in students, including funds for students to study abroad.

13:25 Napier moves on to UoM Malta Debating Union which was also initiated through KSU this year, as well as TEDxUoM to which KSU is one of the main partners.

13:22 New booking system for the use of KSU’s rooms and equipment was also introduced, says Napier. He also mentions the Rent a Laptop scheme, the installation of monitors around Students’ House to promote events and other University announcements, and the installation of solar lights around UoM.

13:21 Napier: “I never imagined how difficult it would be to correct all the organisations’ reports, and publishing the results in less than 2 weeks just in time for the start of the scholastic year”.

13:19 Robert Napier takes the podium. “Our work always kept students’ interests above all, despite all the difficulties we encountered”.

13:17 Trapani continues to mention a number of green initiatives from the past year, including installations of new water fountains, less dependency on plastics, and the bicycle scheme all as part of this year’s Green Fund.

13:14 Mark Trapani (KSU Vice President) takes the podium. He states that KSU wanted to promote sustainability during this year’s Freshers’ Week, leading to substantial increase in profits.

13:12 Dalli emotionally closes her speech saying how she gave 3 years of her life to KSU but got so much more in return.

13:09 Dalli thanks everyone involved who supported her work throughout the year, as well as all 3 years which she spent involved in KSU.

13:07 Dalli mentions online services including Whats on Campus which aimed to decrease KSU’s bureaucracy and allow students to openly criticise KSU’s work or suggest improvements.

13:04 Dalli mentions Organisations Days to give organisations an extra push to show their work to students. She also highlights a number of other campaigns KSU carried out for inclusion and other social issues including eating disorders and women’s rights.

13:03 The individual reports of each executive member of KSU will now begin with President Steph Dalli taking the stage first. “Every day we work towards helping students in every way we can, and having the best possible people representing students”.

13:00 Joseph Teuma (KSU Financial Officer) presents the financial report. He mentions the decrease in debt and other aspects of the financial report. €20,000 more than the year before were generated during Freshers Week 2016, which Theuma says owe to better planning and implementation of cost-cutting measures.

12:55 Robert Napier (KSU Sec Gen) takes the podium to present last year’s administrative report. He mentions the numerous meetings carried out by KSU during the past year, and the multitude of press releases published during the same time period.

12:53 Following the approval of last year’s minutes, the administrative and financial reports will be read.

12:50 Media’s presence has been approved as well as the agenda of today’s AGM.

12:46 Gayle Lynn Callus has been nominated with no votes against as chairperson.

12:45 Tellers have been nominated with no votes against to count votes passed throughout the AGM from those present.

12:42 A total of 171 people are present in the Hall, and therefore the quorum has been reached.

12:41 Napier announces that the AGM will begin now. People are still taking their seats at Sir Temi Zammit Hall, including now a large number of Junior College students.

12:06 Robert Napier of KSU announces that since quorum has not yet been reached, doors will remain open till at least 12.30pm.

12:05 Doors to Sir Temi Zammit Hall opened and students are currently taking their seats. AGM will start once a quorum is reached.

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Johann Agius

Johann Agius

Johann Agius is a fourth year law student who is currently the CEO of Insite after fulfilling the roles of Public Relations Officer and External Relations Officer in previous years. He joined Insite as a writer and photographer in 2013 and was elected in the executive for the first time a year later.

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LIVE FEED: KSU Annual General Meeting

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