Introducing Iron Made-In-China: The Students’ Fest ’17 Band

Image: Kurt Abela

After making a bang during last year’s Is-Sister Act, the band are back again for Students’ Fest – Sai Mulan.

With a great line-up of thirteen talented musicians, they are hard at work to make this year’s musical an unforgettable experience for all those who attend.

The band are an essential element of Students’ Fest, boasting live musical arrangements for all the songs being performed during the show. Insite decided to visit one of the band’s rehearsals and spoke to the three band coordinators; Ian Bondin, Gian Privitera, and David Jr Meilak.

After having been left to perform from backstage last year, David says that the band has been guaranteed a place on stage for this production.

“The biggest difference one can easily note from last year, is the high level of communication between all the coordinators involved in Students’ Fest, leaving a very positive effect on the rate of progression at which all departments are moving. And that is, without a doubt, the reason why this year’s students’ fest will definitely stand out.”

Image: Kurt Abela

David continues about improvements which have been made to the production: “From the band’s point of view, we feel that other departments’ perspective of us has also changed.” The band has had an active role in picking the songs for Sai Mulan’s production.

David suggested that last year’s shenanigans might have just earned the band the respect they deserve, which they are grateful for, yet lost without anything to complain about.

“The band is the smallest section of Students’ Fest, which means we all get to know each other very well. We rehearse, bond and drink together, which in my opinion makes the final product that much better,” Gian teases.

“My greatest aspiration for the band is that by the time we are in Sir Temi, set up in our little ‘gabuba’, trying not to poke each other’s eyes out, we can deliver a tight and memorable performance.”

Image: Kurt Abela

Gian then hinted that apart from a tight performance, they are mostly looking forward to the pranks, marketing and jams that the band has gained its reputation for.

Ian concluded by stating that they will make it a point to do their job well and exceed expectations. “Iron Made-In-China will perform with our full potential, leaving the audience in astonishment with the show we will put on. Expect the unexpected.”

Students’ Fest ’17 – Sai Mulan will be held on 21, 22, and 23rd April at Sir Temi Zammit Hall. Be sure to continue following updates about Students’ Fest here on The Insiter!

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Kurt Abela

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Introducing Iron Made-In-China: The Students’ Fest ’17 Band

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