Betapsi and Willingness 360° Conference on Addiction deemed a success

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The third 360 conference organised by Betapsi and Willingness was held on March 11th at Skyparks with the chosen topic being addiction. 

The conference was opened by H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca. The president encouraged students to keep on organising conferences of the sort, as they are what gives her hope for the future.

Chiara Farrugia from Betapsi interviewed “Yo Bet It”’s CEO. He was asked about how he feels about making money out of other people’s addictions. This session was followed by a case review about a family of three, in which the only son, Bradly, spent hour on his computer. Their issue was discussed with a panel of professionals and the conference’s participants. Concurrent workshops followed the panel discussion, whereby participants were free to chose which workshop they wanted to attend.

A workshop about “Motivational Interviewing Recent Developments and Applications” was held by Mr Anothony Gatt from Caritas Malta, who is also a part time lecturer at the University of Malta. He spoke about motivational interviewing, a technique originally used in addiction counselling, which was later adopted by a wide range of counselling and clinical areas.

Another workshop titled “Understanding the stubborn characteristic of Addiction and it’s devastating effects” by Anthony Dimech was concurrently being held. In his workshop, Dr Dimech, a Consultant in General Adult and Addict Psychiatry, discussed various techniques used in treatment in terms of their effectiveness in freeing the victim from the addiction.

At the same time, Matthew Bartolo, a counsellor specialising in Sex and Relationships, held a work shop on sex and addiction. In his workshop, Mr Bartolo discussed sex addiction through real cases.

In the second set of workshops, Steve Liberi spoke about work addiction. Liberi, who works as a life coach, spoke about how work addiction tends to be viewed in a positive light. Leon David Madden shared his own experience of drug use and his recovery, whereas Dr Aloisia Camilleri spoke about substance abuse in the older population.

The third set of workshops included a discussion held by Seralie Bonnett titled “Addiction vs Social Connection” which was mainly focused on eating disorders. Vicky Scicluna spoke about spirituality and drug addiction, whereas Anna Catania, a counsellor, spoke about pornography addiction.

Following these workshops, a short speech by Judge Giovanni Bonello about the changing approach towards addiction was held. Judge Bonello spoke about addicts should be shown solidarity and not views as criminals.

Hon. Dr Owen Bonnici followed this speech with a closing note in which he shared his thoughts on Maltese law regarding drug users, and emphasised the fact that addicts should be helped and not penalised.

Insite would like to congratulate Betapsi and on yet again organising a fruitful and education workshop which lead all attendees to understand the world of addiction in a 360 degree manner.

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Michela Cutajar

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Betapsi and Willingness 360° Conference on Addiction deemed a success

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