Time To Start Using Ecosia As Your Default Search Engine


As we all know by now, humanity continues to live on thanks to population growth, longer life spans and its recurrent demand for the Earth’s natural resources. This means that humanity is a prime determinant of the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystems, mostly because a lot of our daily activities are dependent upon the use of a lot of African habitats, the most common being trees.

Most companies that profit from the Earth’s natural resources often remain in debt to Mother Nature, meaning most companies (I’m pretty sure this involves at least 90 per cent) don’t often give back to what they borrowed from the world leaving nature imbalanced.

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees. Use Ecosia to help the environment just by searching the web.

So what better way to start giving back to what we certainly benefited from by simply using a different and similarly efficient search engine as what you are currently using. Seriously, just change your settings to make Ecosia your default search engine. You are only a couple of clicks away.

Just like any other search engine, Ecosia earns money from advertisements displayed next to the search results. Ecosia will donate at least 80 per cent of their surplus income to tree planting. With every search you will make on this search engine Ecosia earns about 5 cents per search through advertisements and according to Ecosia it costs just €0.28 to plant a tree in Burkina Faso. Lay off your Ad-block for a while and get searching.

Add Ecosia to chrome as your search engine here: www.ecosia.org/browser/chrome

For more info visit: www.ecosia.org/what

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Matthew Debattista

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Time To Start Using Ecosia As Your Default Search Engine

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